Clip: Dogs Are Arranged In The Night And The Unexpected End

Being leopard apricot apricot, interrupting the night in the night, the dog house still has a difficulty of death is full of dies.0: 00/0: 54nam northern / security camera in southern India has recorded moments A house dog is trying to escape the jaw of a wild leopard. Specifically, the clip is filmed on July 1, at Mangalore in Karnataka, a big cat is sneaking into residential areas and lurks Arabic a sleeping dog. The leopard then grabbed the animal, grabbed the neck and pulled away. However, after that the dog protested fiercely and flee from the predator

. After the predator failed, the apricot leopard immediately left the residential area. The police then came to check and said they would put a trap in this area. Mai Mai (Panthera Pardus) was one of four big cats of Panthera spent in Africa and Asia
Although the size is smaller than other large cats, the apricot newspaper is a formidable predator. With camouflage and hiding habits, they can come close to residential areas without being detected. Lai Van (T / H)

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