Clip: Forget Closure, The Driver Made The ‘bird Wings’ Of The Folded Tesla

After moving a few dozen meters, the door of the electric car Tesla Model X suddenly smashed the bus windshield and bricked the bend.02: 00/0: 57nam southern00: 00/00: 30 Jobs happen On a street in Southgate, London.theo, a Tesla Model X electric car is moving out of the parking space. It is worth mentioning that although the right back door is still open, the car still runs on the road. After moving a few dozen meters, the scene of the electric car suddenly hit the windshield of the bus opposite

. The sound of collisions and breaks is quite large. At the same time, the electric car door broken down. Unknown why the driver drove again in such a condition because when forgot to close the door, the system on the car was warned
theo Tesla, Model X is a fast SUV model Most and safest in history. Electric vehicles and completely remove gasoline engines. This model does not own normal doors, but the rear doors open up on the bird wings, named Falcon Wing (falcon wing). Besides, Model X is also equipped with a driver protection feature inside the toxins of chemicals.

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