Clip: Hippo ‘teased’, 15 Lions Sorrow On The Shore

After scraping against the opponent from the swamp, the Hà Ma, he rushed to the shore 'teasing' 15 lions that make them only knew swallowing the hatred.0 of the year (00/1: 04 nam 0000: 00/01: 00 This recklessness of the Ha Ma was recorded in the Kruger National Park (South Africa) .Theo, when she saw the lion drinking water at the marsh edge, a Ha Ma was separated from his herd Slowly approach the lion. It has not stopped there, this codes still deliberately rushed to the shore to "tease" the opponent. Behavior about the number but the lion accepted to run away and ceded the lake for Hippo to avoid Vital clash happened

. The code is not purely carnivorous species, which are a large mammal with a large grass, but the hippos owns many scary weapons such as a wide jaw, the skin is thick horizontal Armor, unusual personality, liver, strengthening bite of their jaws can attack crocodiles or crushing crocodiles about 3m long. These are particularly aggressive when invading territory and dynamics Their children. With its extremely impatient temperament, in hippopotamus wars often ends when there is 1 child abandon
Lai Van (T / H)

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