Clip: Hotboy Guys, Covering The Whole Mask On The Eyes When Injecting, The Action Is Later Funny

When he saw the doctor holding the needle, this guy pulled out a high-pitched mask to cover his eyes, causing everyone to smile in irritation.0 of the year. , an older uncle or a highly tall young man, ..

. when he saw the needle, these people could scream, trying to waving to dodge the injection, even sometimes just heard 2 The needle letters are enough to make them "trembling heart" ,.00: 00/00: 26 is not long ago, the Chinese social network appears a video to shoot a hotboy. The video shows that this guy is very tall and looks pretty good at wearing a mask
The new mask sitting in the chair, this guy seems quite calm, still with the pipes of the shirts for antiseptics. However, when the nurse turned to prepare the injection, the true face of this guy appeared. He was guys being guys, trying to show that he was fine when the nurse against the injection site. A person with a fear of injection. Due to too stressful and fearful, he hurriedly pulled the mask to high, covering his eyes to avoid seeing the needle. Time to withdraw the needle, the new hotboy pulled the mask, glancing Sang the nurse and looked down at the injection before standing up. However, perhaps still afraid of pain, this guy doesn't seem to move, slide the arm injected, still retains a position even when leaving the seat. Now pull the whole mask to cover this eye This is done and pulling the masks down, glancing at the nurse. The nipple of the hotboy's knob after finishing injection.When witnessed a screech, the surrounding person didn't stop laughing
The video after being posted has quickly spreads on social networks, some humorous commenters: "Try to be fine but deep inside tears are wide sea", "People have eye sentence See, the heart does not hurt but "," afraid of injections like him. I went to the injection and didn't dare to look, all right away. "

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