Clip: Just Knocking Down The Forest Buffalo, 2 Lions Are “500 Brothers’ Crank

Just hit the buffalo buffalo, two lions had to run away when they were rushed to the forest to crank: 00/0: 58 nam 0000: 00/01: 02 in the clip, a single forest buffalo Being attacked by two lions. Although only alone, the forest buffalo not only did not subdue to turn to the counterattack strongly. However, just a few minutes later, it was knocked down by two hunters. When two lions are preparing to enjoy their meals, a unexpected thing has happened. Maybe the forest buffalo has heard the call of help of copper, so it surrounds the lions

. When the enemy struggled to attack, two lions had to leave the prey and tried to remove it. Forests with strength and aggression are often not the prey. However, when it was too hungry, the lion still dose into the war with this aggressive prey
However, in this hunt, two lions did not meet luck. Lai Van (T / H)

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