Clip Kim Duyen Was Taught By Vo Hoang Yen To Make Fans Controversy, The Praise Was Beautiful And Rough

Many opposities have broke out around the clip Vo Hoang Yen Teaching Kim Duyen Catwalk.0: 00/0: 37 Nou southern countries Only a short period of time is a diamond runner will officially enter the journey to conquer the king Miss at Miss Universe. Currently, beautiful people are actively cultivating and training themselves to become the best version. Newly here, social networks are handing over each other's clips of Vo Hoang Yen to teach catwalk. Feeling and faith pretty good, but many audiences still have mixed opinions: The prudent person is beautiful, the Walk of Vo Hoang Yen is quite hard, just comply with the model, not to use in beauty contests

. / Kim Duyen has a pretty good part of the training session ..
Song, many ideas said, how walk on lack of softness, not really suitable when the war in the beauty competitions ... beautiful people carry corset, Revealing the charming curve ... many opinions from netizens broke out ... but also fans speak up, this is Vo Hoang Yen is guiding skills, rhythms and hitting ahead
.. Then to create a Miss Thai Miss.Noi, this is just a clips of the first year of the runner-up title, "submission" is now higher than many levels. I am, the spirit of "blood battle" T Common Miss Universe ... Beautiful people who own fiery body, professional princess.

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