Clip: Leading Newsletter, Reporter Scored The Car Sinking Into The Lake

When recording in Lake Springfield, Nam's reporter accidentally recorded the scene of GMC Sierra HD pickups sinking into the water.00: 00/01: 17 Jobs occurred on July 29, at one The pier in Lake Springfield, Illinois, USA., Jakob Emerson, a male reporter of NewsChannel 20 TV channel is making a direct newsletter at Springfield Lake. Remarkably, just behind this reporter is a white GMC Sierra HD is drifting slowly and gently sinks underwater. After finishing his lead, male reporters realize there are unusual things So looked behind and stepped out of the frame

. At this moment, the pickup was completely submerged under the water before the panic and helplessness of the two men and a boy. Unknown why this car drifted into the water but luckily Do not have anyone in the car. Lai Van (T / H)

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