Clip: More Than 500 Y Neat Haircut Doctor Is Ready To Enter The Headline Of Covid-19 Epidemic

The neat hair cut is willing to be ready to translate is the slogan of Thien Tam Volunteer group in combination with Hanoi University Hospital, a special hair salon, hair salon for medical doctors preparing into the epidemic COVID-19.0: 00/2: 10 namthong in the time of Hanoi City is implementing social ways, all hair salons must be closed. There is no hair cut, long and long hair causes the feeling of entanglement, uncomfortable.00: 00/01: 19Video more than 500 medical doctors in Hanoi neat hair cutting willing to the headline of Covid-19 translation The difficulties of medicals, doctors are encountered, good-minded and dramatic groups, with members who are professional barbers from different hair salons in Hanoi have coordinated with Hanoi Medical University Hospital , Organize a free haircut for more than 500 medicals, the doctor prepares to perform the task of anti-Covid-19 epidemic at a panic hospital. The hospital campus is held where the hair cutters are special "

. Normal haircut tools such as pulling, comb, trimmer ..
and no mirrors, barbers make short hairstyles, bringing cool, comfortable feeling for medicine to rest assured against Translate in hot days. Very crowded barbers in volunteer groups to cut hair for doctors at Hanoi Medical Medical University Hospital Dang Phuong Thao, Nursing staff at Hanoi Medical University Hospital, for Know: "I am very satisfied with this new hairstyle. We are now busy with work and don't have much time to take a moment to take some appearance. Now get the charity group to the place to cut hair for free, onions This dynamic with you, sisters, and we are very meaningful, especially in the time the barber shops have closed ".Anh Tuan Anh, Doctor Extra Minister Shared This is the first time he is cut Such a short hairstyle. "From the beginning I only determined that my hair was short for the convenience of work, didn't matter how bad it was bad because I didn't work. Now I'm quite unexpected that this hairstyle is very beautiful and masculine. My career also spent a lot of compliments when I saw me in this new hairstyle "- Dr. Tuan Anh said that all haircuting stages were urgently urgently, but always bring effective effect The aesthetic revenue, the volunteer team member said the moment the current Covid-19 translation is very complicated, the whole country has anti-epidemic, and itself cannot sit a waiting for the translation. Therefore, the party decides to organize this activity with the desire to contribute a bit of strength to reduce the burden for medical medicals, the first translation doctor, helping the whole country to quickly win the Covid-19 pandemic
That, Thien Tam Hair Volunteer Group also was present at the central eye hospital to cut hair for free for more than 70 y doctors to prepare to go to Ho Chi Minh City to support anti-epidemic. Before participating in hair cutting, good group Failure to participate in the haircut must have a Covid-19 test and have a lot of negative results of the doctors here waiting with the desire to be neatly cut as possible, to be most comfortable when wearing a protective shirt under the time Hot sunshine pulls, trimmers, razors ... are carried by barbers with a very meaningful program, in the context of social spacing, so that doctors have compact hair Tidy, continues to participate in the prevention of Covid-19 Hairdressers who are meticulously creating a line of hair ...... After that, use a dryer to create a hairdryer for hair barbers here also capture the cheeks I I have just done, then give you the doctors to see Phuong Phuong Thao is looking at your hairstyle through the phone mirror and said it was very with her hairstyle in the next time, the doctors will come. Coval-19 Active Plant Hospital in Hoang Mai District (Hanoi City) to treat velvet patients

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