Clip: The Couple Carrying Each Other To The Road At Midnight, The Key Cadre To Listen To The Reason Only The Head

Blocking is opened so that the couple quickly moved home. At this time, the wife sitting behind the motorbike continuously bowed to the police officers who had understood the circumstances of the family.0: 00/1: 23nam in the south, social networks are passing hands Clip recorded a short conversation between a police officer and a couple at the clinic. Accordingly, in the middle of the night, the man carrying his wife behind the motorbike, when he met the police officer, the man trembling would like to go to the latch to go home to mourning Mother lost.00: 00/00: 40 Public Security Ministry Please ask: "My mother lost", now, the man gave the phone with the recording of the family person sent to him

. Another man cried and said, "Mom died, the cheek was cold," made those who are present in quietly, immediately, the block is opened for a quick couple Moving home. At this moment, the wife sat behind the motorbike continuously bowed to the police officer who had understood the situation of the family. Clip immediately after appearing on MXH, I immediately received the attention of residents network
Many people expressed mercy for the couple who had the old people. In the middle of the current situation, there have been many things that have to be bothered, now they have to receive the news of the house, so much! "And any pain with the pain lost her mother. The disease is still stressful The burial for being difficult to do, but it is very difficult to "" heard the throat choking, the police too, so that the attached voice was in mind that he was also painful. Hourly wife Try to overcome this pain "

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