Clip: The Forest Buffalo Rammed A Lion, Rescued In The Last Minute

Hearing the cry of the co-type, the forest buffalo herd immediately rushed to chase 9 lions and rescued Members to encounter 9: 00/0: 57 nam 0000: 00/00: 52 This statue was guided Jonty Bozas recorded in Mala Mala Nature Reserve, South Africa. In the tour, Jonty Bozas and the visitors caught the lions of 9 children losing a buffalo herd. After 4 positive hunting, they separated a buffalo out of herd. Meanwhile, the remaining members standing outside waiting to plunge to end the buffalo. At the most important moment, the other buffaloes in the herd heard the cry of copper, so immediately rushed to come

. When I saw a lion knocked on the ground, other children immediately let go of prey Then run away. Fortunately, thanks to the timely rescue of copper, the forest buffalo has escaped death. Lai Van (T / H)

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