Clip: The Groom Hugs His Old Girlfriend Right In The Wedding, The Guests Are Dumbfounded Without Speech

In the wedding, the groom suddenly abandoned the bride, ran again hugging his old girlfriend in front of the guests, even when he was separated, he did not stand away from the south: 00/1: 49 men Although he had a new or even married lover, many people still remember their old love affairs, even someone also felt regret because of missing them. The most emotions can make them make difficult accepts, such as this groom.00: 00/00: 18Video: The groom hugs his old girlfriend right in the wedding on September 11 , a wedding took place in Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, with very crowded friends, guests of the two sides of the strawberry family. The old girl's girlfriend was also invited to attend the wedding and she also contributed fun, blessing the couple with a song. However, when the girl was singing drunk on stage, the groom in the page The blue traditional wedding dress left the bride, crept over the guests to get to the old girl

. While approaching her ex-girlfriend, the groom took her mic immediately, hugging her tightly in his heart. The groom creep through the guests, approaching the old girlfriend who was standing. At kissing schools
Not only that, the groom also kissed his old girlfriend at the kissing school, in front of the guests. The groom's action made the girl very unexpectedly, she tried to push him out but wasn't it. Guests were equally stunted, some people quickly approached the two people. However, the groom still didn't let go, the result of the two sides pushed him to fall to the ground. Girls try to push the groom away. The guests try to separate the two but the groom decided not Hand. Only after 2 days posted on Instagram, the video attracted more than 420 thousand views with more than 2 thousand comments. Most people are pressing before the groom's actions, some people also advise their brides to divorce immediately. Some commenters: "This man really does not respect the bride and foreign family. The bride should divorced him more "," Why can act such in the wedding? He also attached to the old man why took others to be a wife "," It is true to be shameless, don't understand what he thinks
Or then pour in wine. "

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