Clip: The Wife Throws A Bowl Of Broke, Straightening The 2 Stabilies Into Her Husband Because Of The Dark On Drinking

The wife tossed every bowl, the plate into the corner of the broken house, just cursing the pressing of the husband's light on the house.0: 00/1: 23 nam nammay here, on social network sharing clip record scene A woman who scolded the harsh husband, causing many people to not don't have a lot of people.00: 00/01: 01Theo clip, this woman sitting on the bowl but holding each bowl, the dish plate throws straight into the corner corner . Just tossing the clothes, the woman just scolded her husband in a mistress: "They're nothing but what to do. I live with you 10 years ago that people come to you 1 day 1 meal, you Unrespect me, you don't understand me "

. Many people guessed that the incident was probably because the husband was dark on the day and she so she was so angry and wife. The cup in the corner of the broken house, the clatter was very dazzling. After dealing with all the staggered bowls on the floor, the woman still exasperted 2 stupid stabilies intely throw straight towards the husband
Meanwhile, the wife still constantly curses with the attitude of pressing the wife's extreme indignation of the wife, some people present are considered to be quietened, leaving the house The full-width of the fragments cranked everywhere. The clip as soon as it was posted received the attention of a large number of online communities, many people think that perhaps this story has repeated too many times, touching The peak of the endurance of the wife. Clip conflicts are still widely shared on social networks and attract great attention.

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