Clip: Tiger Rushes Between Elephant Attacks And Unexpected Links

After a moment of observation, the tiger rushes in the middle of the road and threatens the elephant. However, soon then it turned around to run away in: 00/1: 31 nam 0000: 00/01: 08 The work recorded by visitors at Jim Corbett National Park, India. Suggesting that, when visiting visitors are riding on the elephant back to visit, a Bengal tiger lies on the road. Instead of running away, the elephant still stood still on the spot and stared at the opponent. After a moment, the tiger had a bold action when he rushed out a large elephant head to threaten

. However, after the "warning" action, the tiger quickly ran into the deep forest. In nature, Bengal tigers are purely predators and they hunt animals with average-sized animals Large, such as wild pigs, deer spots, deer, antelopes, bulls, forest buffaloes .
. Usually, Bengal tigers do not dare to attack elephants and rhiners mature but sometimes that also happens. Bengal Fancy hunting night, but also wake up at day time. During the daytime, the cover of tall, dense elephant grass created for them a good camouflage layer. Bengal tiger killed the prey by tame them and biting the spinal cord (the preferred method for small prey), or using an ancient biting to choking for a large prey. This animal is in the name Endangered animal section of the International Nature Conservation Alliance (IUCN) with a decline in number. The habitat of this animal is becoming limited due to human appearance. Currently, Bengal tiger is only concentrated in small forests in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.Hai Van (T / H)

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