Clip: Two Boys Selling Lottery Tickets To The Middle Of The Rainy Night, Causing Many Sympathy

The video recounts a short encounter between young men and the two boys selling tickets in the middle of the night, causing many people to do so I can't touch it. Unfortunately in life but still obediently, understanding the story always makes people unable to get insidious. Leped here, on social networks shared a story about two children selling lottery tickets in the night to go home in the rainy night Make many people pay attention.Clip: Two children sell a lottery tickets to the middle of the body, on the personal page of the young men Shared the video that he accidentally recorded. Between the heavy rain when it was at night, two boys with thin small looks on the bike

. Because there was no raincoat so two children were completely wet. When they were asked where they were, two obediently replied that he had just sold a lottery and was on his way home. I also said I still have a lot of lottery in my hand due to the rain
Not only that, two children also quickly divided each and he would sell 5 sheets. The number of lottery tickets are raised by children, wrapping carefully in the shadow pocket and carefully asked the buyer to get any number. Conquering, but the young men agreed to take the number of that lottery. The rain was quite large but they still stood evenly and did not forget to thank the young men before boarding the car out. It can be seen that in each of their actions reveals obediently, understanding and agility. The male youth body when witnessing this scene is also not removed and the excess "see two children feel love Your current life is more. ". Many people also share this feelings: "Look at the two gentle babies, the spell. Know to share each other. Looking forward to my later life will be better
" "Before complaining about the life of life You, look down, look at the pieces out there. You are more than a lot of people. Many people just need to have enough rice to eat through the day, need a warm sleeping place, or a good diving body is enough . "" Watching videos like this are much more positive. Wish 2 I'm always healthy. "

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