Close Together To Be My Husband And I Disrespect

Recently, the social way of stretching a social way, so both spouses I was agreed to work at home with the form of working online.0: 00/1: 39 South men we have a lot of time together, a lot of time spending For more families, but also arises many problems. I am clean, one day she cleaned up how many times. I want to do the whole day when I go home, I don't witness this scene. But this lately stayed at home, she saw her cleaning all day, working firmly and turned around

. She was tired that I saw me hugging the computer, whether working, she was irritated. I told her to stop it, don't do it. But I didn't say anything, she said I was indifferent
I went to the "refuge" layer, she thought that I was hiding. I said "I considered you I'm working and going," she was "married". That's it, I don't know what to say. Illustration. Oscelon is so, it is for taking trees and cooking. She seemed to make the most of the time of stretching the way at home or why all day Processing this dish. I said, she said, "I served the children, I didn't do it, just just eating no need to join." Saying that, I know what to say more. It's late at night, I said I should take advantage of this time to rest, she gently softened but still conserved: "This is the right stage Take advantage of to take care of children. Less the way, go to work again, time with children is not much, not good, so it must be tried
" I really love my wife. I proactively help my wife. She is also happier, less irritated. But I couldn't do it for a long time because of a pile of waiting agencies. So every few days my house had a story once, but all such odd things were. Is a family like my family? Pregnancy ... @

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