Close-up Classic Royal Enfield Classic 350 2022, Price From Vnd 94 Million

Classic motorcycles Royal Enfield Classic 350 2022 officially launched in Thailand with a starting price of 139,900 baht (about 94.1 million VND) .ROYAL Enfield Classic 350 is a central model of Royal still equipping the chassis Classic but completely new design, stronger and more flexible.ROYAL Enfield Classic 350 2022 launches in Thailand with 4 versions of standard vehicle equipment including: traditional halogen headlights, double tube chassis, Fuel tank shaped tears are very attractive, the driving bar is wider, the handrails after a sturdy. Convenient USB under the Royal Enfield Classic 350 2022 is 195 kg while the fuel tank has a capacity of 13 liters

. Strip vehicle from a single cylinder motor, 349cc capacity, for maximum capacity 20 , 2 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and maximum torque 27 nm at 4,000 rpm, come with a 5-speed gearbox, similar to the edition in India.Royal ENF IELD Classic 350 2022 has 4 versions including: Hasion, Classic, Dark and Chrome. In that, the Hasion version has a price of 139,900 baht (about 94
1 million VND), the Classic version costs 147,000 baht (about 98.9 Million VND). The Dark version costs 154,000 baht (about 103.6 million VND) and the highest level is the Chrome version of 155,000 Baht (about 104, 3 million VND). See some pictures of Royal Enfield Classic 350 2022 in Thailand: Understanding Lam

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