Close-up Kia Sportage 2022 At The Agent, The Price Of Vnd 500 Million

Global debut in June 2021, Kia Sportage 2022 completely molting in design brings a daring, wild and wild designs.02: 00/1: 41 nam nuoiNam here, Kia Sportage has officially revealed At the agent in the Korean homeland, there was a price from 24.42 - 40.51 million won (about 492 - 817 million dong) .kia Sportage 2022 is present at the agent in the domestic market, wild the sportage 2022 at the Owned Blue Ownership Agent with enough high-class equipment such as a large 19-inch LA-ZANT set painted 2 contrasted tones with eye-catching

. This car is the global version of Sportage 2022 with 4,660 mm length and base shaft 2.755 sportage with practical headlights and LED lights, the new generation Kia Sportage in Europe is not much different from the sale in Korea, with many strong lines Inherited the word "brother" Hyundai Tucson
When looked in reality, Sportage looks stronger and pits moreover than online images. However, the design of headlights and LED taillights on Europe will be a little simpler. This Kia Sportage owns the exterior color of the green olive olive to the actual design, the new image also Add the cockpit of the KIA Sportage 2022 variant lower. The car does not have a modern 12.3-inch dual screen like on the most advanced version that will be equipped with a smaller touch screen, with the rotating buttons and shortcuts. For the base version will only have a monochrome screen Small "outdated" and air-conditioning system instead of automatic regulation like on mid-range and high version, thereby also significant cheaper prices.

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