Close-up Mini Cooper ‘unique’ With A Transparent Hood

Mini Strip is a 'unique' 'model produced from a combination of mini and fashion designers Paul Smith with many unique details.02: 00/2: 14 South countries are developed based on car models Mini Power Cooper Se, Mini Strip has a unique appearance and has many details of unnecessary prototype. The Mini Strip has a lot of unique details in which the design convertible transparent Smith believes that This helps the car become more sustainable is also lighter than the standard version that provides moving and efficient range benefits. The changes in the first appearance is Mini Strip without complete paint color, instead The body is covered with a waterproofing paint only. The sealed heat dissipation of the original car is replaced with recycled plastic materials and has gaps to reduce the wind resistance when moving and the front and cap Extraly withdrawal holes help the model look more sporty

. Tails are almost identical to the available design of Mini Cooper SE, except for having the name of the designer Paul Smith next to the mini logo. The car around the car is the dark seams made of 3D Body recycling around the body The dark array of color made from recycled plastic is printed with 3D, combined with fancy fixed bolts. In particular, the Mini Strip hood is made entirely with transparent glass and can be seen in the blue paint frame
In the cabin cavity is also minimized, there are no high-end decorative materials such as metal or leather . The central control panel replaced with a smartphone that helps connect to the car entertainment system. Environmentally friendly materials appear throughout the cabin, including woven fabric seats, steering wheel wrap fabric, the middle part containing airbags covered with mesh materials, like door plates.Khoang cabin is also minimized, smartphone instead of the information system to exchange, also have rubber-coated car floor Recycling, tablespo tables and tapi doors made from wine corks through use ... seatbelt and door handles made from braided vines are painted bright orange, contrasting with the rest of the cabin. Be revealed, replacing cladding details or clothes to be a simple mesh. The Mini Strip is maintained the design of a neon blue-painted electric charging port, with the power plug created by Paul Smith itself. For drive systems, the car is equipped with 181 horsepower electric motor and 32
6 kWh battery found in the production version of Mini Cooper SE. See more Some pictures of Mini Strip: Understand Lam

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