Close-up Of Dangerous Roads To Kabul Airport

The NATO and the Taliban forces confirm there are at least 12 people died on the way to Kabul.0: 00/1: 33 Southwing the New York Times, the US military is controlling within Kabul airport and conflicts , chaos mainly focused outside the gate to the airport. Thousands of Afghanisan people constantly flock to the airport to escape from Afghanistan. Taliban gunmen has blocked the entrance (1 main door and 3 side door), Rifle rifle, hitting, pushing people to force the crowd to retreate again. British Guardian wrought the Taliban official said, due to shooting or trampling

. The roads around the airport, many people have camped, others sitting on the shadow of the tree around the airport wall, waiting for the opportunity to get inside to leave the plane away from the country. The main door, the Taliban has a latching in the receptors. A Taliban command shouted: "The gate was closed
Only foreigners and people with new papers are entering ".taliban calls for people to leave the airport and go home if there is no legal evacuation right. Many videos are returned by a non-profit organization Rise to Peace. At the scene, the Afghan people desperately shouted, screaming, held the projection / ID card to be confirmed, allowing to cross the wall into the airport. According to the US President Joe Biden, there are about 10,000 - 15,000 Americans are still in Afghanistan with 50,000 - 65,000 Afghan people who support the forces of the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Very crowded Afghan people gathered outside the airport Afghanistan sitting in the plants under the canopy, Wait for approaching opportunities to the airport Trang Tran

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