Close-up Of Dedicated Cars Vaccine Room Covid-19 Mobile Equipment For Cdc Hanoi

Hanoi Department of Health in collaboration with the City Disease Control Center (CDC) Hanoi has received a dedicated car vaccine with Covid-19 Room ROOM.00: 00/03: 32 Car images Dedicated Vaccine Vaccine Room Covid-19 Mobile: This type of dedicated vehicle is designed automatically like both sides of the barrels that are capable of lifting with sunshades, covering people to come Vaccination or Sampling Covid-19 test samples Tier up and down to help people up to get off cars more easily. The tables and chairs are fixed on the floor and can close, open easily by hand. This car has a total of 4 tables and 8 benches, divided into two sides of the car. The car is also equipped with a refrigerator to preserve the vaccine and equip a car sterilization system after each use

. Serving for vaccinations, mobile vaccines are also used for Covid-19.Le Phu test sampling / news

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