Close-up Of Hennessey Venom F5 Worth 2.1 Million Usd

At the Monterey Car Week supercar (USA), Hennessey has exhibited his latest Hypercar Venom F5 duo. It's more attention in the booth of this monitor itself. The Venom F5 with color Paint Mojave Gold, next to this car is Venom F5 the first prototype with Blue paint Speed Devil Blue.theo as announced before, the first Venom F5 will be ready to hand customers later this year, very yes The new yellow car is displayed by Hennessey at The Quail is their first commercial vehicle. Although produced in the US but the owner of the vehicle cannot use it comfortably on the roads of the country

. this. Each year, Hennessey Venom F5 can only be used up to 4,023 km (2,500 miles) and registered as a car exhibited because it is not enough safety standards due to not equipped with airbags. Extremely aerodynamic design with streamlined lines
The rear has the appearance of the active wind wing. The entire car is made of carbon fiber to maximize weight for Venom F5.Khoang driving of the car is also streamlined but still carrying a bit of future direction. The steering wheel has a unique design, integrating some function buttons. It is this design that caused the airline to be equipped with a car bag. Fixed posture seats with carbon fiber framework. Granting power for vehicles is a double turbocharged V8 engine, 6.6-liter capacity is specially crafted. This engine is capable of producing maximum capacity up to 1,817 horsepower and maximum torque at 1,617 nm. The engine is made of cast iron with a lid made of aluminum, thus, dynamic mass The muscle is only 289 kg and the overall car weighs only 1,360 kg, creating a capacity / volume rate at 1,289 horsepower / ton
With this power, Hennessey said Venom F5 can accelerate to 200 km / h in only 4.7 seconds, the car uses a 7-speed semi-automatic gearbox. The popularity of the famous hypercar model Driving mode includes Sport, Track, Drag, Wet and F5. The only F5 mode will provide the entire power for the driver, the remaining modes will provide separate settings for the car.Venom F5 equipped with a 19-inch diameter of the front and 20-inch wheels at the rear wheel. Outer wrap by high performance tire Pilot Cup Sport 2 size 265/35 in front wheels and 345/50 in the rear wheels. To help hold strength, Hennessey uses brake system with plate made of ceramic - carbon fiber size Ruled 15.35 inches and 6 piston brake clamps for front wheels, 4 pistons for rear wheels.Hai screen equipped, one used to display the car's information, 7 inches. The second screen is located at the central control panel, sized 9 inches and integrates Alpine entertainment system with Apple Carplay, Android Auto as well as GPS navigation. Super light carbon fiber material is also used Widely in the interior. Hypercar Venom F5 will be produced by Hennessey with a limited number of only 24 units and will be sold at a starting price of $ 2.1 million (about 48 billion VND) each. The first Venom F5 was expected to hand over Hennessey to customers later this year.ctv Kha Hoang / by Carscops

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