Close-up Of Russia’s Latest 5th Generation Fighter

At the MAKS-2021 international air show and the opening of the MAKS-2021 on July 20 in Zhukovsky, the suburb of Moscow, Russia introduced the 5th generation light-class stealth fighter, called 'checkmate' ( Prime Minister) .Theo, at the event, head of Rostec, the giant military group is responsible for exporting Russia's technology, Mr. Sergey Chemezov and General Director of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Yury Slyusar, already Introducing the Fighter with President Vladimir Putin in Sukhoi.checkmate's exhibition booths using technologies that have been tested under actual fighting conditions. Digital design activities have helped Sukhoi develop this plane during record time

. The model of stealth fighter is dubbed "checkmate" ("checkmate") at the air show and dance MAKS-2021 international pillars. (Photo: RIA) Mr. Chemezov said, the first flight of a new fighter was planned in 2023
The cost of this latest aircraft is estimated at 25-30 million USD. In addition, the next prototypes will be produced by 2025, with the aims of starting the earliest mass production in 2026. According to Rostec presentations, presented in the first plane prototype introduction At the MAKS-2021 exhibition, Russia's new Checkmate fighter can carry a unmanned aircraft group. Alexei Bulatov, deputy design room of LTS fighter "Checkmate" said, this plane You can take the name Su-75. "Figure 75 on the opposite plane is No. 57," Bulatov said. According to Bulatov, "75" is a "lucky number". CheckMate Fighter is being developed by Sukhoi Company and towards exporting. Checkmate belongs to the 5th fighter class and equipped an engine. According to preliminary estimates, mass production of fighters will begin within 4 years
"The version on Checkmate is also being considered, this will be a separate theme, today we are gender Basic version introduction, "Bulatov said in the introduction of the new fighter at the MAKS-2021 exhibition. Bulatov added, in addition to this version, creating a two-seater and a unit The driver is being considered. According to Mr. Bulatov, the aircraft module design itself will make CheckMMate to become a fighter on the aircraft carrier in the future. UAC Manager, Mr. Slyusar said, "Shindling" with a radius of Fighting 1,500 KM, the ratio of thrust on the largest weight, the time to take off and land is shortened, the load of more than 7 tons - an absolute record for this class aircraft. Rostec, checkmate Designed for stealth, can operate in almost any weather conditions and are deployed at any type of climate. "Primary" is supposed to be capable of continuous ultrasound flights, with speed up to Mach 1.8 and works well despite the dominant conditions of the enemy's superiority. It is known that checkmate has a range Dynamic up to 2,800 km and the maximum load is 7,400 kg. The plane is designed with short-livelihoods but not vertically and equipped with modular weapons compartments that can be full of current air defense missiles, guns, bombs and navigation missiles. MAKS-2021 will take place from 20-25 July at Zhukovsky near Moscow. The Russian aviation industry promises to introduce the best civilian and military aircraft they have in this exhibition. The latest 5th generation fighter scene of Russia: (Photo: Ria ) Peace (translation)

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