Close-up Range Rover Svautobography 2021 Price 18 Billion Vnd In Vietnam

Template Range Rover Svautobography 2021 Using a 5.0L supersonic motor is priced at VND 18 billion in private agents, significantly higher than the 3.0L.Range Rover engine version is a familiar luxury SUV in Vietnam , is distributed genuine and private import. In particular, the highest version of the Svautography 2021 has 2 3

.0L turbocharged engine variants and 5.0L.SO supersonic with a 3
0L engine version, the Range Rover Svautobiography 2021 model uses significantly more expensive V8 5.0L Tax differences, fees. Specifically, the car costs about VND 18 billion in private agents, while the I6 3.0L version costs over VND 13 billion. The highest Range Rover Version Svautobiography has a high Length x x height of 5,200 mm x 220 Mm x 1,868 mm, the base shaft extends to 3,122 mm. Design and exterior details of the Svautobiography version use a 5.0L engine almost no difference of 3.0l motor. The car in the interior With the main brown cowhide brown - the popular color selection on the Range Rover models in Vietnam. The car has a central screen and digital clock table
Need the type of metal knob wrap, automatically protruding when the machine explodes. The bottom is the Logo Svautobiography. The Range Rover Svautobiography 2021 has a 4-seat configuration, with the second row of 2 seats of merchant. Chairs for passengers are fully equipped with amenities, with electrical chairs 22 Memory Location / Heating / Cooling / Massage / Calf and Sunflies, Workbench, Mini Refrigerator and Private Entertainment Screen. Some remarkable amenities of vehicles include automatic air conditioning 4 Independent regions, Wi-Fi transmitters from 4G, 17 connected ports (USB, HDMI, 12V charger port ...), Pre-electric chair 22 directions, remembering position, heating, cooling, sunroof Panoramic ... V8 5.0L supersonic engine on Range Rover SvautobiographiGrapy 2021 for a capacity of 557 horsepower, 700 nm torque. Cars use 8-speed automatic transmission and AWD drive system, capable of accelerating 0-96 km / h in 4.3 seconds.Theo Chi Vu / Zing

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