Close-up Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 From 4.06 Billion Vnd In Vietnam

With many upgrades from the chassis to the engine and technology, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 SUV model has just been launched genuinely to bring a whole new experience for Vietnamese consumers.Toyota Vietnam (TMV) Officially introduced to customers the top-new favorite topographic SUV model of Toyota Land Cruiser. This model only launches foreign markets not long ago and in Vietnam is one of the earliest countries distributing Land Cruiser LC300 genuine. Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 is comprehensive after 10 years The old generation is sold in the market. Changes come from internal design, exterior to the chassis, engine and both the technologies that support the operation

. The new SUV Toyota Land Cruiser SUV still wears a stylish design as before, but there are many Change in front and rear car design. LED front lights, connecting the huge grille. The tail of the tail, the LED taillights are also slender first
18-inch multi-spoke wheels, go with tires 265 / 65R18. On the roof now additional prices for goods. The overall car size is also greater than a little more. Land Cruiser 2022 is completely different from the old generation. New style steering wheel, with integrated heating. Analog clock combines 7-inch screen. The back also has a 12.3-inch central screen. Audio 14 JBL speakers combine proactive noise systems. Automatic anti-dazzle rearview mirror
Electronic parking brakes instead of the previous type of muscle. The trunk behind the electricity opening, supports hands-free stones. 10-oriented electrical driving chairs, 8-oriented chairs. The top premium model in the TOYOTA product range, Land Cruiser LC300 is the next model in Vietnam equipped with Toyota Safety Sense secure package. This package includes: Collision warning system (PCS), active cruise control system (DRCC), lane-retardant support system (LTA), automatic remote lights adjustment (AHB). Besides, the model also owns a series of advanced equipment to support the driver including the integrated dynamics control system (VDIM), the initiative noise-proof system (ANC), point warning system Blind (BSM), the vehicle warning system when reversing (RCTA), the support function over the terrain (Crawl Control), the camera detects the rear (RCD), 360 camera, electronic hand brake, ... Inheriting and developing complete, more impressive from LC200, Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 thanks to the TNGA platform, contributing to reducing vehicle weight, lowering the focus. The chassis is redesigned to reduce weight and increase hardness, vehicles are lowering the focus and improved suspension structure. As a result, the driver is easier to control and does not feel tired on every road. SUV new generation, Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 model equipped with the latest TNGA platform using the latest, additional page Global safety Toyota Safety Sense. Besides, the V8 engine has been removed that instead of a smaller 3.5-liter V6 engine block but uses double turbocharged, for impressive capacity of 409 horsepower. Comes with it's a 4-wheel drive and 10-speed automatic transmission. The engine also reached Euro 5. Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 car rates genuine in Vietnam was 4.06 billion dong. White paint colors cost VND 4,071 billion. At present, Toyota Vietnam only distributes genuine only one version of LC300.Ra eyes was first debuted in August 1951 called TOYOTA JEEP BJ, equipped with strong engines and possessed overout Excellent terrain in topographic conditions. By the end of 2020, there have been a total of about 10.4 million vehicles and more than 300,000 cars per year are trusted by customers in 170 countries and regions around the world, famous for its reliability, persistence and Operation capacity.Video: Detail Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 completely new. Nguyen Anh

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