Close-up Toyota Supra 2021 Has Just Docked In Vietnam

This sports car belongs to the 3.0 Premium version and is provided by a private import agent, the price has not been revealed. A fifth generation Toyota Supra has been publicized at Tien Sa Port, TP. Danang. According to private sources, this is the car imported by a private agent for a pre-set customer

. In the exterior, the car has a silver-colored paint, combining two-tone double and black color trays 19 inch size. In particular, red brake shackles show that this is the 3.0 Premium version, while on this regular version is black
Supra the 5th generation inherits many designs of the 4th generation from the 90s. This is almost the compact version of the 2014 Concept FT-1 2014. The headlights, the front wind divider to the 'splits'' hood are raw from the concept. The most obvious difference is that the first part of Supra's car is shorter due to the protruding car nose, replaced with a grille. Fixed wind, instead of large wind wings on FT-1. Large brake lights are often found on F1 racing models located in the middle of two sporty round mouth exhaust pipes. These characteristics also inherit from FT-1. The other with the exterior, the interior of Supra 2021 is arranged quite similar to the new generation BMW Z4 Roadster. On the car entered Vietnam, the interior cavity is black-wrapped with black leather, combined with electric sports seats 14-oriented integrated memory features and heating chairs. The 3
0 Premium version, the car owns the curtain 8.8 inch touch image integrated navigation and voice recognition, compatible with Apple Carplay with Supra Connect telecommunication service, automatic regulating two regions, entertainment sound system JBL 12 premium speakers , Qi standard wireless phone charger, sports pedal, anti-glare mirror and information display system on HUD steering glass. Safety technology Toyota Safety Sense is standard equipment, accompanied by tonic technologies As the system supports the horizontal departure, the traction control system, ... Toyota equips Supra 2 modes of Normal and Sport driving modes. Sport driving mode also interferes with differential and audio amplification from exhaust pipes.Toyota Supra 2021 is equipped with i6 engine, 3.0L capacity developed by BMW. This engine produces a capacity of 382 horsepower and 499 nm torque. Combined with 8-speed automatic transmission, supra can accelerate 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, the maximum speed is limited to electronically 250 km / h. With this parameter, Supra 2021 becomes the fastest Toyota car in history. In the US market, Toyota Supra 2021 3.0 Premium has a starting price of 54,690 USD. The value of the vehicle after closing all taxes to operate legally on the streets of Vietnam is still kept confidential. Previously, there was a private import enterprise to offer this model at a price of about 6 billion dong.Anh Xuan: Nguyen Van

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