Coach Arsene Wenger Predicts A Unexpected Name For 2021 Golden Balls

Former Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger said that Real Madrid's striker has a great opportunity to win the Golden Ball 2021.HLV Arsene Wenger predicts Real Madrid's striker has the opportunity to win the Golden Ball 2021 in the list of 30 players nominated For the title of Golden Ball 2021, the names like Jorginho, Messi or Lewandowski are highly capable of winning the title. In the meantime, Karim Benzema - The player has just led the French team to the UEFA Nations League championship 2020/21 received the support of many monks in the world like Ronaldo de Lima or coach Zinedine Zidane.Chared with Telefoot his judgment of this year's golden ball race race, former Arsenal coaches , Arsene Wenger said: "Nothing cannot reach this year. In terms of personal performance, stability, Benzema is at the top level

. Not sure is: Does the trophies play a decisive role in the race? ". After recording up to 23 goals for Real Madrid in La Liga last season, Benzema continued to perform impressive performance this season and scored 9 goals after 8 rounds in La Liga. 6 goals in two EURO 2020 campaigns and Nations League 2020/21 and get the appreciation of experts and fans
In the opposite direction, Brazilian legend Rivaldo said that Mohamed Salah was entirely worthy The goal of competitive gold ball 2021.Compile, the former Barcelona player said: "Liverpool's salah is starting the great season with impressive statistics and an unbelievable goal against Manchester City More than a week ago.Salah is one of the best players in the world currently because of incredible statistics about the number of goals and His creations are in the Premier League and Champions League, two of the leagues have the most fierce competition on the planet. When you play well in rigorous conditions, you are of course, you are a players Head and worthy are among the candidates for this year's golden balls ".TUY THUY, the head coach of Italia, Roberto Mancini said that the title of Yellow Ball 2021 should be given to Jorginho." Follow me, balls Gold should be given to Jorginho. He won the title in the past season and deserved this award. It would be strange if Jorginho was not awarded the Golden Ball ". In this year, Jorginho left a bold mark when with Chelsea to win the Champions League and the Italian to the throne at Euro 2021. The 29-year-old is considered one In bright candidates to compete this year's golden ball title with Lionel Messi

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