Coach Jurgen Gede: ‘viettel Devoted To The Last Moment’

Chief coach Jurgen Gede affirmed Viettel will devote all the possibilities in the final match in AFC Champions League 2021.0: 00/2: 05 namviettel region no longer hopes to continue in AFC Champions League 2021 when only 3 points after 5 matches . So talented with Kaya Iloilo (Philippines) Tomorrow is only procedure for the V-League champion. However, coach Jurgen Gede and the students want to end the journey at the Continent Playground with a victory. "This match takes place at 5pm, may not be easy for weather conditions, but we will Trying your best, and fans in Vietnam will definitely watch and cheer, and I hope the team will have a win, "coach Gede shared during the press conference before the match, Viettel Easy to win bold before Kaya

. Therefore, fans can expect Que Ngoc Hai and teammates doing the same thing in the re-match to have an impressive breakfast with AFC Champions League.HLV Jurgen Gede Gede said: "You ask that match Do we create conditions for young players to play? Of course yes, but it is important that we have a convincing performance. We understand Kaya and respect them, tomorrow is the last match Along and we will play with a serious attitude and towards good results "
viettel can't do unexpectedly in the first time to attend AFC Champions League. This is also the first predicted for the team Representative of Vietnam Football. The goal of coach Gede and the students at this playground are accumulating experiences.Viettel cannot do unexpectedly in the first time to attend AFC Champions League. "We set forward to the team The ball is in the way we improve after one match, and this is very important, especially with young players, "Viettel's head coach said." Goal The team is towards the future of this young class and this tournament, these competitors are exactly the expectation of the team. Although winning, no matter whether or not it or not, we can identify where you are, in fact. We are young players, played at the continental tournament is a lucky Ask a lot. When we returned to Vietnam, we will play more confidently. Tomorrow is the last match, the whole team is determined to win to give the audience loving Viettel
We will play with the spirit of comfortable and devoted to the last second. "Minh Ngoc

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