Coach Juventus Shouted The Premise Of Morata: ‘shut Up!’

Coach Juventus Massimiliano Allegri and Striker Alvaro Morata argued outside the border with very harsh words. / When Juve led ahead 1-0 in the 73th minute, Allegri decided to withdraw Morata out of the yard and put Moise Kean to replace . This decision does not make the Spanish striker pleased. On the way out of the yard, Morata and the teacher referred to the reporter's lens. Morata was in the middle of a long time to find a seat in the row of benches

. Conflict between both started the group from a few minutes earlier. 72 minutes, Morata received a yellow card for a collision with Genoa's Davide Biraschi. Coach Allegri was unhappy with the attitude of this striker and decided to take him out of the yard immediately
Micros on the field gained the controversy content of both. Coach Allegri said: "You gave me a mistake, giving them a free kick, shut up again." Morata striker responded angrily: "Did I do something wrong?!". After Morata left the field, Paulo Dybala was prepared in the 82th minute to set a 2-0 victory for Juventus. Earlier, Juan Cuadrado opened the match from a corner. With 3 points, Juventus is ranked 5th in the Serie A. "He has been taken to the card, but I continue to argue so I have to withdraw from the yard. This is a disappointing incident because Morata played well and the whole team was too, "coach Allegri said after the match.

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