Coach Mu Rangnick: Fred Is Light, Is Love

Coach Ralf Rangnick has praised Fred's performance in a 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace. Brazilian midfielder helped the teacher to have a successful debut. Fred's 77 minutes in the 7th minute before Crystal Palace on Old Trafford in the first match Rangnick led the team . The Brazilian player used to be considered the weakest link in the team but competed impressively recently. This is the second goal after 12 of the British Premier Match this season, with the number of goals that Fred scored in 76 times the previous yard

. After the match, coach Ralf Rangnick had praised the new student . Before the match, very few people imagined Fred's script was the first to draw a German strategist. "I had to ask the assistant to see if Fred finished right foot
I thought He only shot by left foot. I think everyone loves Fred. You have to love this guy. I just knew he was two days but Fred was my light. Also, I also sent Praise to Ronaldo. He moved very excellent, "Rangnick said.HLV Ralf Rangnick only had a rehage with MU but the Manchester team has begun to have changes. In front of Palace, MU has 12 successful balls on 1/3 of the enemy field. This number is also at least 5 times higher than their other matches from the beginning of the season so far. It is important that MU has kept clean
"I want to keep the opponent as far away from our goal as possible, making them always chasing the ball and winning the ball. The field appears only slightly differently. Keep them away from our goal, keep them under pressure and chase the ball and win the ball. We play with two strikers, Marcus and Cristiano at the top with Jadon and Bruno in position 10 and The rest of the team is the position as usual. I think this option has brought results. In the match against Arsenal, MU has a little trembling during the decisions of the match but today we have controlled The match ", the German army said.

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