Coach Nguyen Hong Son First Shared The Past With A Vacuum By Her Mother

Coach Nguyen Hong Son is a veteran face along with the Program for the Children's Day 2021. He has the shared rotation of the program.02: 00/3: 52 South Southern players Programs for children 2021 officially launching Casting Born online nationwide with the companion of Football Legend Nguyen Hong Son together with the MC couple is singer st painted jelly and actor Sam. Player Nguyen Hong Son and learners. With the topics of super Vietnamese football stars, 2021 children's players are also in the casting stage online, seeking a prize owner worth VND 100 million when for children from 10-12 years old in Vietnam, with passion for shifting football At the same time, the program is also looking for candidates who represent the school or collective participating in the program with a total prize value of up to 50 million VND

. The students are practicing.HLV Nguyen Hong Son He went with the players through many broadcasts. He shared the young players this year there will be no common houses and this is also a great challenge for two MCs of Thach and Sam because they must have a prototype role
In the last season, the protocols play the role Important periods, not only worry for children from meals, sleep but also become friends, father, mother and children with children throughout the journey. In the role of professional coaches of the program, former NGUYEN HONG SON's name in addition to teaching English professional skills to communicate with children knowledge about the grass law career, sharing the self-hearts, honesty and solidarity when entering his career Football.HLV Nguyen Hong Son is also funny that has fun sharing that has never been faced with naughty, messy of the young players. However, when asked when he had ever made the headache, pain The brain is not shared by the coach because there have been a lot of experience in training the child players so it can be balanced harmoniously and regulating the emotions of the children. n has experienced the young buffalo and evaluation of the naughty of young players who cannot be equal to him in the past, the coach Nguyen Hong Son also shared about the bloody memories of the first time I made the audience unexpondently surprised, bewildered to turn on their backs. "When I climbed the wooden stairs on the loft then lowered my head to blow the bubbles, getting the bubble to get down, the face was hitting the foot of the stairs. That, blood ran out a lot but because I was afraid of being scolded by her parents, so swallowing the blood in. While swallowing, it coughed into the bloodstream, causing the family to panic, worried about my life, so I would like to get into the emergency institute. Here, the doctor said that I only were stamped and explained by me Swallowing blood so I coughed out my bloodstock.In another time, I was about 9 - 10 years old at the time, near the house with a flower garden, to get the bike to play, wriggle through the stones, electric poles
times, due to being so fast, I was slipped, the face smashed straight into the bike-east, the nose was stamped, my blood was so she had to go to the hospital to treat and love. Eat blow 'because too naughty. In general, my life was repeatedly stamped, when he was fallen, when he was punched by the goalkeeper, unconscious "- coach Nguyen Hong Son shared. The student takes a picture with the trainer. So, the coach was also excited to share a passionate passion for football to forget the day, forget the night. Every time when the boy, Nguyen Hong Son at that time did not go home and invited you to the flower garden and took slippers Making a football to play football to the dark new back. Thus makes men's mother do a thing that no one thinks, he said: "Mother is too much, so I will go to the wooden chair and think I Will be afraid without going out football. But 1.2 times like that, I just thanks my brother to carry a seat head to remove the chain and continue to kick the ball ". Nguyen Hong Son shared at the show. His funny and funny stories, "legendary" Football Nguyen Hong Son, the more intense passion for football has brought him glory in his career. coach Nguyen Hong Son said he had practiced with daily balls to prepare the best fitness, welcoming the return of the balloon season 2021.Where watching the actual TV show boy 2021 will return With the audience at 15:00, Saturday every week. The program starts on September 18 on the VTV3.Phi Long channel

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