Coach Park Hang Seo On The Plan For The Possibility Of Losing Her Brave In Aff Cup

VFF and Coach Park Hang Seo are preparing for the possibility of midfielder Do Hung Dung cannot attend AFF Cup 2020 in Singapore. A VFF leader said that in addition to Vietnam, many other countries are having similar problems, right Wait for procedures to supplement troops. "Singapore's regulation is very strict, so we are still working hard for Hung Dung to explain. However, Coach Park Hang Seo also actively actively in the case of Hung Dung could not contribute "- Leader VFF said. Dung recovered after injury and was called back to the national team

. Authorities to support Hung Dung to Singapore in time to prepare for the tournament. However, so that the department of Hung Dung cannot contribute, currently VFF and Mr. Park is carrying out procedures for Ly Cong Anh
Lyy due to the stemming from the regulations of the Singapore government related to entry because of Covid- Translation 19. Because Hung Dung was only called by Coach Seo called on November 27, while the entry list was registered by VFF with the Singapore side to focus on November 24, Hanoi Club midfielder was not in a flight with the team Vietnam to Singapore. On the fact that even though it's back, Hung Dung is more likely to be used by coach Seo if the Vietnamese team goes to the semi-finals. Due to injury, Hanoi Club midfielder has rested for a long time. The performance and fitness of Hung Dung so still a question mark. (Source: Tien Phong)

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