Coach Park Hang-seo Received News Could Not Be More Fun Before Aff Cup

Hanoi Club informed, Hung Dung was completely recovering injury, ready to go to recruit if there is a request. Heroes Dung's physical and physical practice has ensured to follow the heavy exercises. Dung is ready to return to the Vietnamese team to the Capital team will allow this midfielder to concentrate the Vietnam National Team if Episode in the coming time. Here are for nearly 1 month, VFF has a written summoning Do Hung Dung on the national team to prepare for AFF Cup at the end of the year. However, at that time, the health team of Ha Club Ha Noi has a consultant sent to the relevant units on rushing back to be able to affect the treatment process for the Vietnam team midfielder

. Treatment experts for Hung Dung recommend this player Continue to stay in the Club, Completing the lesson plan has been up by the PVF Center and Kim Kwang JEA Specialist. This recommendation, VFF and BHL Vietnam team have led Hung Dung to have more time Recovery time. In the Festival on November 25, Kim Kwang Jea specialist evaluated: "Hung Dung has returned to practice with the team
This player can focus on the national team in the coming time. However, it is necessary to note that the volume increases with the foot of injury and continues according to the lesson of my post. Because of the general goal of Vietnamese football. In addition, the relevant parts of Hanoi club will continue to actively coordinate with the Vietnam Football Federation, Vietnam National Team to monitor not only Hung Dung that other cases of Hanoi FC are facing injuries at each other levels such as Dinh Trong, Van Lieu ... Thanh Huyen

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