Coach Park: Hung Dung To Singapore Is Also Difficult To Play

Mr. Park shared about Hung Dung, the opportunity of the Vietnamese recruitment and the desire of the player at AFF Cup 2020 after the World Cup qualifiers 2022.0: 00/4: 09 Nuoc Nghiep Park Hang-SEO of the Rigo Vietnam champion shared: "I am very happy to meet coaches from Table B. Vietnam will make efforts every match to get the best results in every game". "We have just kicked 6 third qualifiers The World Cup

. Do not get any points that affect the atmosphere of the whole team. Besides, we are also a champion this award, which is a pressure. You cannot say the previous results but recruitment Male will be well prepared
"When fighting with strong teams in the World Cup qualifiers, they are much stronger. Actively, it's very good. Recruitment Vietnam to control the ball less but we show crystal God does not give up. Through every match, it is clear that we have progressed, "said Han coach. Photo: VFF. On the match against Laos, Mr. Park admitted: "The first match is a very pressure match. We have no information about the Laos team but we will best prepare for this opponent." .Zing asks the question for coach Park about the lack of municipality
Korean coach replied: "With Hung Dung, he has injured and vacation for a long time. It is for a long time to join AFF Cup because we want to wish to find a feeling of competition. But the ability he plays at AFF Cup is very difficult ".hlv Tan Cheng Hoe of the Asian Team Malaysia:" Many Malaysian fans expect us to hope that you will enjoy this tournament with Malaysia. "" We just arrived in Singapore Yesterday. We were concentrated in Kuala Lumpur in recent years and also met some problems. But the whole team will focus, optimistic in all circumstances and try to stabilize the formation before the game against Cambodia " . The number of questions for him is no less than the question for coach Park. Continuing to talk about Cambodian rival, he explained: "We have met them 2018, they are well linked, there are many young players and attacking attacks quite like your eyes. Although we don't have good preparation for the tournament. Wanting the players to focus on the first match of very important capital ". Photo: Minh War. Vietnam - Malaysia in this AFF Cup round is the 6th match between the last 4 years. Mr. Tan admits: "Of course, opposite Vietnam's recruitment is a difficult task. We have learned many things after the previous results. But Table B is not only Vietnam but also other teams. They are all available The better preparation of Malaysia "V. Selvaraj of Laos shared:" We are very proud to be in this tournament. We will make efforts with other teams to get good results. We meet Vietnam's first match. Laos is a young squad and this opponent is too challenging for the player. We will try our best. We are aware of what you need to do is play hard To create something ".hlv Keisuke Honda (Cambodia) does not attend press conference, Assistant Ryu Hirose attends. Sharing with the press, Mr. Hirose said: "We headed for SEA Games 2023 at home. So we hope young players have a good experience in this tournament. We have many difficulties During the epidemic period. The team does not have any friendly matches. Our goal is SEA Games ". Photo: VFF.hlv Chief Shin Tae-Young of Indonesia's recruitment said: "This is the first time I attended AFF Cup. Nice to have the opportunity to meet colleagues in Southeast Asia. Hope this is a good experience in My karma " Press conference lasts 60 minutes, many questions are for coach Park and Tan Cheng Hoe. Every team shows determination. The problem of living, eating in the bubble conditions mentioned by many coaches, suggestions for the Organizing Committee. Before that 60 minutes, the press conference in Table A took place with many questions for coach Alexandre Polking of Thai Lan. Therefore, it is likely that Mr. Park also became the focal point from regional media when entering the press conference in Table B. There was a total of 72 reporters attending the press conference in Table B in the form of online. Many reporters raise their hands to ask the coaches, including many Vietnamese reporters. Vietnam will launch in the match against Laos at 19:30 on December 6. Mr. Park Hang-seo is a defending champion after three years of interrupted tournaments because of the influence of Covid-19.Nam Vietnam takes time because of a lot of luggage to Singapore on December 1, the assistant The coach Park Hang-seo must be 30 minutes early to transport luggage on the day of Vietnam to fly to Singapore with AFF Cup.

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