Coach Quang Minh: ‘futsal Vietnam Team Must Forget To Fail Against Brazil’

Tran Van Vu and his teammate must soon defeat the loss of 1-9 before recruiting Brazilian Futsal aside to prepare for the next journey at the World Cup 2021.Huan coach (coach) Nguyen Quang Minh, who has led Futsal club Professional Thai Son Bac and Da Nang, exchanging with Zing about Vietnam's recruitment match against Brazil's dawn 14 / 9.Ferrao of Brazil is the best player in the world today. Photo: Quang Thang.Tuy Futsal Vietnam should be more bold in Brazil's 2nd World ranked team, recruiting Futsal Vietnam failed to 1-9

. The second largest greater since the first match of Futsal World Cup 2021 does not cause former Futsal Club Thai Son Northern coach. "Simply because the teacher's play of Pham Minh Giang has no surprises," Coach Quang Minh shared with Zing. "Brazil was very strong, but the way to actively play with the entire player regularly The home part cannot make us have the opportunity
If boldly rooked up the squad, putting pressure, the team would be slightly more difficult. Since then, the opportunity will open with Vietnam recruitment ", expert This continues.Chejor the performance of the Futsal Vietnam, the Spanish coach Miguel Rodrigo affirmed that the active defense chooses to make Tran Van Vu and his team to miss the opportunity and this option does not show advancement Ministry compared to the first day Mr. Rodrigo led the team 5 years ago.Hlv Quang Minh analyzed: "Power-Play - Power-Played Power-Played Tactical Tactics like 5th players) to The match control can reduce the excitement of the opponent, at the time he lost in a consecutive table. If defensive less people, Brazil rises to pressing heights, the opportunity will open with recruitment Futsal Vietnam "Reality, has a time for Coach Pham Minh Giang for Power-Play Stone Power-Play when using Captain Tran Van Vu with goalkeeper role. This strategy partly puts enemies in a short period of time, but is not maintained for too long. Vietnam has marked with the goal of Ho Khang Dinh Hung. Photo: Quang Thang. Things to do is to overcome the Brazilian psychological problem, recruiting Vietnam Futsal to leave an impression with the goal of Confucius of Dinh Hung, after the border settlement
Samba's countryman expressed its surprise with the scoring of the red shirt team. "Goals came with 2 touches, from the border kick to the finish of Dinh Dinh Hung," Globo commented. In the same time, the Brazilian Football Federation homepage said the goal loses from the defense of the defense The green shirt player reveals the space and Dinh Hung has taken advantage of the opportunity. "I think there are training, preparing the pre-strategy pieces of the players," coach Quang Minh said. After the match, Captain Tran Van Vu admitted the ratio to stimulate the right match, and he was the same Teams have 2 days to overcome weaknesses in defensive stages, especially the ability to attach your striker. Two matches against Panama and Ch czama are important to recruiting Futsal Vietnam on the journey to search for tickets in Holy in.HLV Quang Minh said: "Recruiting Futsal Vietnam must forget to defeat before Brazil to play well before Panama as well as Ch czech. The coaching board also needs to focus more on the psychological work of the whole team, "he said. Holding or winning before Brazil is not possible with the Futsal Vietnam team because the degree difference is too big. However, losing to a distance of up to 9 goals, the problem is not only at the capacity. "Of course it is impossible to ask the control against such class players during the match, but the tables lost Later from the psychological factor is not good, leading to the handling of broken shadows. The scenario of Ho Van Quy's goalkeeper put the ball into the foot of the player's team is typical. It also leads to easy goals for your team. Now, I think can only draw experience and make good psychology for the whole team, "coach Quang Minh said. Failed 1-9 before the winning championship candidate, recruiting Futsal Vietnam stand at the end of the table d Poor than Panama, the team failed 1-5 before the Czech in the early match. The teacher of Coach Pham Minh Giang will face the Central American representative on September 16. This is considered a decisive battle to the ticket to continue to recruit Futsal Vietnam. The Monocanalyal Lake Make Make Meeting of Vietnamese Recruitment Goal Mistakes in the goal of 1-8 before Brazil in the match at Table D Futsal World Cup 2021 dawn on September 14 (Hanoi Hours).

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