Coach Ronald Koeman Excused Barcelona’s Pathetic Failure

Coach Ronaldo Koeman acknowledged a large difference in Barcelona to receive a bold failure against Bayern Munich in the Champions League match in the Champions League 2021 / 2022.HLV Koeman acknowledged Barcelona with the same level with Bayern Munich "I only have in hand 3 Striker (Memphis Depay, Luuk de Jong and Yusuf Demir). In terms of tactics, there are times when we control the game. But Bayern's pressure creates greatly. They make us fall deeply and not Can fill the gaps on the field

. I don't complain about the attitude of the players, but it is clear that there is a difference in the middle of the two sides. Bayern is a team that has been with each other for a long time and There is a depth on the bench. While we are mainly young players, who have to be better two or three years older, "coach Ronald Koeman excused Barca's 0-3 defeat against Bayern Munich
Next Bayern Munich at the Nou Camp at the battle of the Emponds League Table this year, Barca aims to demand a debt to lose 2-8. in the quarterfinals season 2019-2020. However, not only did not claim the debt, Barca also disappointed with a disastrous failure 0-3.This was the third consecutive time Barca received defeat at the Nou Camp home. Earlier, they lost PSG 1-4 and Juventus 0-3 in the previous season. For the first time in history, Cattalan's team lost 3 consecutive matches at home in the European Cup.Depay figures, said, Statistics of Whoscored showed that Barca launched 5 shots in this battle, 3 times The ball went out and was blocked by Bayern defender. For the first time in history, Barca did not launch a shot of a goal during the Champions League match. "This loss is difficult to accept, but we have to wait for everything to improve and the armor love. The fact is that, we have to go through a few weeks like this to wait for the back of the players like Sergio Aguero, Ousmane Dembele and Ansu Fati, "coach Ronaldo Koeman expressed
With this result, Barca temporarily ranged At the end of the table e when at the same time, Dynamo Kyiv Hoa Benfica 0-0. At the visit coming, Barca will meet Benfica at the away field at 2:00 on September 30 (Vietnam time).

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