Germany Vuong0: 00/6: 23 South (Quang Ngai Newspaper) - The autumn wind man has a steam from the river overflowing about as a sister who feels comfortable. Looking at the north bank of the river, where the white cotton beach removed as the smooth silk of the land of heaven, the river was stamping, fluttering according to the wind, Ms. Hoang remembered the ancient memories , the anniversary of a daughter is still bold in mind in the mosaic sister. With slender, tall, smooth white skin, the violet face, dove eyes, every time she smiles, everyone has to smile alluring. Year of the seventeen new seventh, eighteen years old was sent by the train, every trip by Mr

. Quang's boat often showed her how to paddle, how to fight the pole, drive the boat to glide on the water to avoid the vortex, and Through the reef lead to flip the boat causing the life of the pedestrians. Day after day, Ms. Hoang was proficient in every ferry paddle father taught
When he was busy with his house, Mr. Hoang replaced his father to take guests through the river. Seeing the daughter who was proficient with the river, knowing how to control the boat, Mr. Quang delivered the boat to the Ms. Hoang from that day, until now she had stepped over the age of sixties. Seeing her extremely miserable, I advise you to take a boat, at home to help them staple, what to have a boat, the income is not worth it. It's the most extreme every time the storm season doesn't know how much dangers stalk to her. Fill out of all the words of your child's request, I still have a day and night with a booming work, regardless of the sunny day, the rainy or storm flood, Ms. Hoang is on this river harbor. This is today, when dawn Orange light and red rose red slowly raised on the horizon side, spread over the river was when Ms
Hoang hurriedly a handbag cage cage, the boiled water bottle to cool, a handle paddle eagerly wharf. Ms. Hoang was on the wharf soon, because her guests were all format; Someone on business travelers, have teachers and hundreds of high school students to school. There are also grandmother, the children go to the market to sell vegetables, sell ducks and fruits and fruits, agricultural products from the South of the South North to recently, the trade occurs every day as a bustling wharf. Not to mention the occasion of the holidays, Tet, the number of guests go to the temple to vessel vessels to make her tired. Many people want to go to her boat because the road to the wharf is not winding, it's easy to go, so everyone likes. His false wharf was about 300 meters away from his boat. Once the Ms. Hoang advised his relatives to relax the way to go through his love boat, at the beginning they heard later they still returned to her boat. I was very happy to make her very, hard to think. There was a time when he thought she was baanting, scrambling his guests, so there was a verse of the sound, but she was scattered by her. Na, injured, that hardship has shoved Mr. Dung a saffron boy strengthened into the Central region to develop an education career after the liberation of the South. Mr. Dung is in charge of the illiterate to erase the illness of the children of the South Bo Nam and the North River, so the teacher reciprocating this boat has a daily daily three times, the amount consumed of each boat is not less. Understanding Mr. Dung's work A young, calm, calm-art guy, alone with the day of the day of the day of the day of his "cultivating people" career, helping the poor village village along the river. FREQUENTLY FOR THE FOUR FOR MASTER. Even so, Mr. Dung still did not accept. Once the Ms. Hoang did not receive money to boat, Mr. Dung swimped across the river casually. Looking at the scene, she was so far away. After that, Ms. Hoang was reluctant to receive the money of the teacher. The last boat of Ms. Hoang Nha Sunset is also diving, looking at the river on the rope of rippling and dying yellow glittering silver, far away from the white stork Hanging on the deep green mountain range to find the way to the nest, the sister was hot and waited for the saw. She waited for Mr. Dung, the guest walked her last trip. She knew that Mr. Dung ended the classroom ever late, his student was all ages; Children aged 8 to 18 years old, have 25, 30 years old. Teaching them to understand, practicing them to write each word is extremely difficult, requiring the teacher to persevere and patiently, there is a love of boundless to her students, looking forward to the day of flowers , fructification. Dung understood the devastating five months, no one was studying, the letter now for them was extremely necessary. Because it will change their lives in the future. Understanding the desire, dream of students, teachers and nights are not close to the distance, how to go to the water, worry about teaching and looking forward to a day not far away from these people will contribute to building Building homeland, the country. The boat across the river made Mr. Dung Throw, remembered to silently. And Ms. Hoang from the depths of her heart loved him, a personality, straight, rich in kindness, a guy from a distant land ready to bring children to her poor countryside. Sister

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