Cold Investors, Gold Prices Fell Sharply To Vnd 48.3 Million

Because the market waiting for information from the US Federal Reserve meeting (FED) took place this weekend, investors are no longer salty with gold. Transactions at the beginning of the week (20-9), gold price The world has a strong drop of only 1,744 USD / ounce, equivalent to 48.3 million dong / tael. According to experts, the gold price decreases because the dollar is strong due to the US economy. In addition, the FED's ability can only increase the USD interest rate in 2023 causing the dollar to raise prices

. When the greenback continued to raise the price, the gold price will go against the opposite direction. However, reply to Bloomberg news agency, Mr. Diego Parrilla, director of the Quadriga Igneo Fund, said that gold prices are hard to continue to slip strongly because of the driving force The price is still available
It is still gold that keeps a good value in the stock environment and inflation is unstable. The stock market dropped points, high inflation will be present in the coming time. "Central banks around the world are difficult to control high inflation because of printing money into the economy to stimulate consumption. And Having the same gold is the only material that banks cannot use the printer, so gold will benefit, "said Diego Parrilla.

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