Collect With Gold Leaves

Go here, a martial arts is gold because of remember, the hand twists because of remember, tears in the heart, in the eyes and she heard the old waved with Call.0: 00/1: 59 South of the grass fields running Long sucking eyes, the grass dusts fiber themselves under the winds in the afternoon. The sun splashed the generous light at the end of the day, sparkling in the branches left a few leaves. In the afternoon, Bui Ngan was angry, curved the ball entered the blurred shadow, she leaned out of the glass door, inhaling long and felt pleasant. Gentle as a mamman voice of autumn

. Romantic in her faint memories she saw a fall in the skirt shirt. One fall she installed flowers in Hair Bieng Xuan. The glitter in the look so that the hundreds of thousands were confused
About this, a golden martial arena for remember, the hand twisted for remember, tears in his heart, in his eyes and she heard the old waving Calling. The car is still rushing forward, the life cannot stop and she still enchants the dream of the old day. She suddenly felt a sweetness because it was still sweet with each yellow leaf in memory, It was just here the light wind rolled the red maple leaf with the walkway. The road strange but she reminds me of ancient nostalgia. She remembered where she left there, there were roads with a shady trees and every revenue of winds and winds was briefly, playing and bringing them lightly on the role of pedestrians or beans on the Lang's hair Ladder late afternoon. More than ten years ago, she still didn't forget the afternoons with the hungs wandering on the road Nguyen Du to find me absentminded, saw the flying me fly with the road and every battle Back in the space of space with hundreds of golden and sparkling golden leaves in the sunny sun today, the wind of people reminded her to buy collected in his homeland, her homeland as well as other countries who were buckling in the pandemic, worry about nostalgia in my heart. The autumn sun will probably be lonely when the hearts of people are heavy, the wind of pigs is firmly brought about the absence of people on the roads full of gold leaves. She silently prayed to the peace of peace for his homeland and she believed her country would revive quickly and picked her back at the end of the collection with beautiful gold leaves like paintings in the wind.

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