Colombia Won Third Class Of Copa America Thanks To The Super Product In The 94th Minute

Luiz Diaz's superfround shot of Luiz Diaz in the 94th minute brought about the 3-2 dramatic victory for Colombia in front of Peru in the Match of the three Copa America 2021.0: 00/4: 28 Nouthern region directly Colombia vs Peru - 3 Copa class AMERICA: Score: Peru: Yoshimar Yotun (45 '), Gianluca Lapadula (82') Colombia: Cuadrado (49 '), Diaz (66', 90 '4) Colombia vs Peru: Colombia: Vargas, Tesillo: Colombia: Vargas , Murillo, Yerry Mina, Medina, Barrios, Cuellar, Cuadrado, Luis Diaz, Cardona, Duvan Zapataperu: Gallesse, Corzo, Santamaria, Callens, Lopez, Tapia, Yotun, Andre Carillo, Sergio Pena, Christian Cueva, Lapadula * Here are Detailed developments: ending the match ends with a 3-2 dramatic victory for Colombia before Peru.90 '4vaooooooooo ..

. Diaz set up super quiz Diaz handled cleverly and takes a beautiful shot from outside the penalty area that makes Peru's goalkeeper even touches the ball but cannot stop. The score was 3-2 for Colombia.90'Hiep Hai with 4 minutes of Peruvian's 2-2 minute of Peruvise from Raziel Garcia, Gianluca Lapadula headed by Raziel Garcia. 2 for Peru.75'Dail 2-1 Peru, the Colombian players actively play slowly and firmly on the home field that caused Peru to find a difficult to find the table of 66 'Wins, Colombia to lead 2- 1 From the launch of goalkeeper Camilo Vargas, Luiz Diaz quickly defeated the danger to defeat the goalkeeper on the Peru to bring Colombia to the lead 2-1.61'Cuadrado to continue causing the goal of Colombia Chao island with Gallese goalkeeper crossing goalkeeper must stop 52'Valvert is Cuadrado with a convenient pass to Luiz Diaz leaning over the beautiful tumblet in the penalty area but the ball went to the position that the goalkeeper Gallese chose available.cuadrado (behind) plays outstanding in front of peru49'vaoooooooo ............ Cuadrado gorgeous penessed by 1-1Cuadrado - Cristiano Ronaldo's teammate in Juventus club Punish the ball across the fence, about the corner near the net of Peruvian.Hiep 2Hiep Hai Match started. Bon Hiep 1 A one ended with a surprise 1-0 score for Peru.45'Net Thang, Peru unexpectedly Open the scoreChristian Cueva with a pass as a cleaning of Yoshimar Yotun to set the left foot beat Camilo Vargas, bringing Peru to the lead to Colombia.33'Colombia responding strongly with the ball and finishing the ball and finishing Luis Diaz. However, the ball is not too dangerous, so Gallese goalkeeper easily catches the.28 'to push the attacking team, almost any more colombia to pay. Gianluca Lapadula escaped to attempts to finish the ball to put the ball along the frame of Camilo Vargas just cast iron 23'peru replacing the reluctant person: Tapia suffered a leg pain and could not continue playing, he left the field to give room Wilder Cartagena.20'Sau The first time for opponents to squeeze the pitch, Peruvians began to have attacks that attack but not too difficult for Colombian defense to break.12'Colombia still held to force the yard. Peru could not deploy the ball on the top.6'Colombia with a higher quality lineup who was holding the yard for Peru to seek the opportunity to open the scoring early 07:00 of the Brazilian financial score, Mr. Raphael Claus blew the whistle The match between Colombia and Peru was started. The starting team of Colombia Peruvian players show determination to the BA06H30 (Vietnam) Peru will encounter Colombia in the match 3. Compared to Peru, the Colombia was The type is unfortunate when they face a lot of great men. After crossing Uruguay in the quarterfinals, Colombia played excellently when holding the Argentina in 90 minutes of official matches of the semifinals. Martinez's excellence of Martinez, Colombia had to stop Step. And of course, they are higher than Peru in the morning of the morning when the Colombian ratio ratio is 1/2 of the initial moment. In reality, Colombia is higher, they are higher. Owning some stars who are heading for European teams such as Cuadrado (Juventus), Duvan (Atalanta), Mina (Everton), Sanchez (Tottenham). In addition, 14 facts face in the 2000s, Peru also only won. But important highlights in that place, Peru always showed confidence in advance of Colombia when two teams clashed at each other Copa America. Specifically, in the 2000s, there were 5 encounters, the results of Peru did not fail, even, they also defeated Colombia 2-1 in the last June 21 group.

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