Colored Mid-autumn Mid-autumn Tray

Because of the epidemic influence, the union members are different from all years. However, everyone has its own way to prepare the tray with a happy, cozy color.0: 00/5: 17Thu Nam Vì affects the disease, the air of Tet holidays this year is different from every year. Even so, everyone has a very own way to prepare the tray with bright, cozy colors. The characteristic of the first round of the first day is the left bakery, toys for young children to break the deck, family fun Mid-Autumn Festival, pick up full moon

. Between the cool weather of the capital, 5 readers share with Zing special emotions, the secret of preparing exquisite trays with baked cakes, fruits, hei, pomelo dogs ..
________ Arts with an empty, tamboo table cage Dan Phuong Thao in the number of traditional moon toys, powdered breeds (also called Cotton) are considered the elite that his father's generation leaves. He is rice flour and sticky dough. The traditional body powder material and the protection coating is now improved with moisture-proof, can preserve long. I put the body from artisan, the colorful images of colorful festive festival Ms. Hang holds a pearl rabbit, 4 female elements, Five Fighter, Heads, Tam Su, and many familiar animals are made of flour ... In addition to the form of bamboo fruit is a highlight. This product is self-employed, medium to cover the food, both can replace the box, a gift basket whenever you want to give relatives. I use a jasmine stringing, with lotus, fruit, pink attached to the decorative table
Everything else in the tray is also self-monitoring yourself. Songs have cassava cakes, baked cakes, nuggets, jams and candies. The children are also drunk and ranked with the five-year-old mothers to make the air before the Mid-Autumn Mid-Autumn Mid-cozy shelf .______ angle to celebrate the small union members pretty, warmly Nguyen Hong Thoughts and thoughts of this year are not busy drums, not brilliant lanterns throughout the street but the autumn breath still intact. In the air with a different part of this strange, I prepared a small tray for my daughter to welcome the ceremony soon. My Mid-Autumn Angle is quite simple, with a small little star light, lanterns from grapefruit, a few cakes and a lovely pomelo dog. This is the third time I do your own pomelo dogs, takes more than 1 hour To go to finished products. The main material to perform is two pomelo pomelos. The dog's body is created by the pumpkin or election about 18-20 cm long. Potato, onion, carrots are used as the head. All details are re-drawn with long bamboo sticks. I peeled off the grapefruit, cutting off 2 sides of the shell and made a lot of grapefruit to be beautiful. After that, use grapefruit to cover the body and the dog's head created. When you attach aware, you should use a small toothpick because it is easier to plug and not expose. Use 2 eye-catching labels, add a small carrot to make a mouth, tie a beautiful bow in the dog's neck for a pomelo dog, my daughter took some pictures of memorable moments. At home avoiding epidermis, the whole family is still eager and expects the full moon day .____ Splibly plug in the pink branches, making the moon welcome to the Mid-Autumn Festival now, I decorated the Mid-Autumn Festival with a red ripe pink branch, the point His light, mask, fresh flowers and buy a grilled mini bakery for the whole family to sip the same tea. The hitting point of the party is not only in the arrangement, combining colors from decorations but also The banana cake made by me manually. Raw materials are quite simple including bananas, sand sugar, chicken eggs, cooking oil, floating powder, baking soda, fresh milk, wheat flour. The cake processing paragraph is not too difficult. You just need to remove the banana peel, cut the song, put in the same way, use the egg beating machine to hit it when the mixture is smooth. The person has just beaten, adding eggs in the banana, when the mixture of white cotton is up again. After that, you mixed milk with oil and slowly in the banana, medium to hit the ingredients into each other. Next, mix the flour, floating powder and baking soda, for little bit into the powder, mix up, mix again to ensure smooth smooth mixture, no clumping. At the price of 190 degrees Celsius in about 50-60 minutes of furnace. The cake is grilled medium, without burning, inside soft smooth, very attractive warm ._______ Decorated in August from the availability of availability of this year, unable to gather everyone to look moon, break the deck My family still prepares a small corner to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Air. With the motto of saving, there is nothing to use, I only buy a little bit of cakes and grapefruit, the remaining fruit is the things that receive the support of the ward. Many times prepare the trays of the union members, me Accumulation is quite experienced. If you wear a large tray for a large member party, you can make cotton dogs with grapefruit, vice versa with the scope of your family should only make grapefruit simplicity. When presenting, try creating low ranks (TRUE type) by using foam, chairs, boxes ... Using additional tablecloths or font cloths will help a more vivid space. Translation, shopping faces many limited, we don't forget to use the old flower basket, bow, pen, cover, color paper ... or cake, candy, fruits in the house to make a party

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