Come To ‘the Residence Of The Beautiful People’: Buy A Picture Like A Picture, The Price Is Only By Pho Bowl

The urbanization process in Italy has made some beautiful old villages become lonely. Therefore, many towns including Maenza, in the latium region have adopted the plan to sell abandoned houses for only 1 euro (USD 1.12) .0: 00/3: 03 nam southern people on the lepini hill Wild, about 65 km southeast of Rome, Maenza was a place of livelihoods of shepherds and wild tribes. The town is providing dozens of abandoned houses in the hope of attracting 'new winds' to this land

. The Maenza town is about 65 km southeast of Italy capital to the selling price of' super Cheap 'this, Mayor Claudio Sperduti said he was launching an ambitious' rebirth treaty'. The goal that Maenza is towards being able to recover all non-use properties by contacting between Older owners and potential buyers, as well as limited brokers and speculators make words from abandoned ancient houses. The abandoned houses in Maenza are being supported by the town
I am implementing this house policy to step by step. When the original families contact and hand over their old house, the town will post a specific and transparent home selling announcements on his website, 'Mr. Sperduti said. Interested people will contact With the town hall to provide specific requirements and local officials will try to meet those requirements. Hope town can blow new spikes in about 100 forgotten houses, some Among them have fallen into ruins. Most of the houses have been tinged with the time of registration for some of the first houses sold at the end of August, but the mayor of reassuring those who have left miss a program 'Selling a house for a Euro price', many more homes will be launched after negotiating with the old owner. Buyers must commit to renovate these homes within three years to own immobilization In Maenza, buyers must commit to renovate it within three years and ensure a 5,000 euros deposit (about 5,840 USD) until the project is completed. Buyers can use the house In order to stay or trade in a motel or a dining store but need to send a detailed design plan to the management agency. Straight-facing the sea of the Pontine IslandsWests at a price of 1 Euro are built from these In 1700 with the views of the Square and the unique sea area of the Pontine Islands. Most of all are small houses with small areas made from large gray black rocks with thick window frames and dome gate Characteristics of the Mediterranean region
Inside the remaining old ornament decorations are tinged with time with some damaged items. Experts estimate, the total amount to be spent to fix it to these houses will consume equivalent to the deposit of 5,000 euros.Maenza is a Latin phrase that means' prosperity'Menza Famous is the country of succulent cherries and girls 'sky water'. There is even a neighborhood called 'the residence of beautiful people'. Small towns have beautiful coasts stretching like Terracina, Sabaudia, Sperlonga and Gaeta. Concert, Art Exhibition As well as watermelon-eating contests are held in the summer with gourmet fairs. Cherry, Siro, wine and honey are the famous specialties of this land. The rich beauty of this town looks from the sea with Maenza, visitors also cannot ignore traditional flavor dishes such as spiced dry horse meat and smoked olive oil or Fettuccine pasta with Gnocchi potatoes and Mozzarella cheese is made of buffalo dairy. A day in Maenza will not be complete if visitors have not enjoyed the strawberry wines Fragoletto gently. Security (according to CNN)

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