Comfortable Sitting Posture For Office People

Office people sit long but still comfortable not to be uncomfortable, keep in mind that sitting postures work below. Ensure that the chair fits with the illustration. Photo source: Internet Non-a chair is in size suitable for everyone. Like shoes, we need to ensure the choice of a perfect seat with our measurements, as they can create health differences and comfort. The best option is to choose the type that can be adjustable, because you can change the height of the seat or the back corner of the backrest, depending on your needs

. Also there are 2 main points to remember when choosing a chair work. The first is to check if the seat pedestal is wider than your hips at least one inch on each side so you have enough space based on the thigh or not. Second, check if there are at least 0
5 inches between the edge of your chair and the knee back or not. Soft cushions will also help avoid being suppressed onto the thighs and butt. Does the troops are on working we should put their eyes right position as a standard horizontal screen. If the eye is in a lower position, the body will have to slide down to affect the spine and circulate the machine. If you look higher, cause a bend, affect the spine. Besides, during the process you work need to keep the head, shoulders and neck do not go a lot forward to our spine section Naturally and do not put pressure on the coupling. Sitting like eye fatigue in the process of working maybe you will get eye strain and eye, dry eyes ... Partial cause can be because you have been sitting wrong posture
To overcome this situation, you should reset the computer screen with a distance of about 50cm, the eye is flat with the screen. Should lower the screen brightness at the appropriate level, adjust the small length of fonts to look at the most. Holding your feet flat on the floor to cross the foot can reduce blood flow and can cause muscle pain, because So you should keep your feet straight and put it firmly on the ground. The break after working with a computer, if you have to work continuously with your computer, then every half hour you should spend a few minutes to relax the eyes and neck Hand or stand up and walk again to feel more comfortable. According to Dr. Pamela McCauley Bush (Labor Research Laboratory Director of Orlando, Central Florida), to relax, you just need to leave the computer screen and look out elsewhere, avoiding glare in about 20 seconds are enough. Feeling back pain, you can use the buffer for the back to support, use a roll towel or a small pillow to sit comfortably. According to cherry / consumer

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