Coming Soon To Trade Hanoi – Dien Bien?

Successful test flight recently opened the trade opportunity between Hanoi with Dien Bien in particular and the Northwest region in general.02: 00/0: 00 Southern Jet Jet Embraer 190 landed on Dien Bien airport . According to Mr. Vo Huy Cuong - Vietnam Deputy Director of Vietnam Aviation, at 12:30 on August 19, the test flight was carrying the number of QH018, exploiting with Jet Embraer 190 of Bamboo Airways to land successfully Dien Bien Airport, Complete Hanoi Straight Flight - Dien Bien. This event marks the first time the airport of Dien Bien successfully welcomes a series of aircraft in jet groups, large tonnage, high access speeds, Application of modern flight mode

.Theo airline Bamboo Airways, this is a turning point to set the premise so that this unit can put into trade in direct flight routes connecting Hanoi - Dien Bien from September. Bamboo Airways, Dien Bien Airport is the airport with specific and complex infrastructure, geography, meteorological conditions. These properties have interfered with many research schemes to receive aircraft with great access to the previous speed
Finally, Bamboo Airways and Flying Management Corporation have coordinated new approaches , Application of the navigation system using aerial satellite signal for Embraer aircraft to access Dien Bien airport and finally succeeded. The Vietnam Aviation has officially issued a document regulating the flight method Official applied for Embraer aircraft of Bamboo Airways at the Airport Dien Bien.Phi Cong Bamboo Airways Get Hoa Happy Flowers according to Vietnam Aviation Administration, Flying directly to Dien Bien is expected to contribute to promoting economic and tourism of the locality, becoming an important development motivation of the province, creating growth and the impact spread to localities Le Thanh Do - Chairman of Dien Bien Provincial People's Committee said he trusted Bamboo Airways's straight route will increase the opportunity to access passengers' services to Dien Bien, helping people d Dien Bien came to other regions easier; contributing to the process of building this province's tourism has become a key economic sector, further sustainable development in the coming time, creating opportunities to attract investors. Dong Nguyen Ngoc Trong - Deputy General Director Bamboo Airways said that this unit plans to open commercial routes to Dien Bien on the occasion of National Day September 2. This is part of Bamboo Airways's plan to expand Bamboo Airways flight network in 2021, the unit focuses on niche to localities such as Dien Bien, Ca Mau, Con Dao, Rach Gia ... "These niches No airline operates with modern commercial jet series, "Mr. Trong said

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