Commander The Carl Vinson Carrier Group Talks About The Presence Of The Us In The South China Sea

The presence of the US Carl Vinson carrier group in the South China Sea to ensure the 'native freedom of all countries in the international waters'. Benarnews information on 13-9 led Admiral standards Dan Martin - Commanding the US Navy Navy Carl Vinson aircraft carrier team - said the presence of this carrier group in the South China Sea is aimed at ensuring "Maritime freedom of all countries in the country International waters ". According to the global maritime traffic system, USS Carl Vinson carrier (CVN-70) moved on the NuTuna sea off Indonesia on dawn 12-9, near the active area of the ship China Geological Survey 10 (Haiyang Dizhi 10) of China. The Chinese survey has been operating in this area from the end of August. However, according to the news page, the unusual thing is the US carrier Also turn on AIS identification signal, a move that analysts said that this ship is operating freely in the international waters

. Carl V carrier team Inson spoke about the presence in the South China Sea. Photo: Navy US Navy In an exclusive interview with Benarnews on September 11, Mr. Martin said: "Our activities in the region really show the willingness to protect our interests and the Freedom of international law "
" Any law or regulation of the coastal nation must not violate maritime and aviation rights that all countries are entitled to international law "- Mr. Martin said. "Illegal and extensive maritime claims, including in the South China Sea, posing a significant threat to the freedom of sea, including maritime, air and injuries freedom Legal trade "- Mr. Martin said. Ong Martin stressed:" We will not be forced or forced to give up the international standards ". In advance, the US carrier combat team includes USS carrier. Carl Vinson and three other military vessels have entered the East Sea to conduct "maritime security activities". Only a few days before, China Maritime Safety Department announced that all foreign vessels, including t The airport, when entering the area where China blatantly declares its territorial territory to "declare" to China and under the supervision of Beijing. , the completed time sheet called the deployment of USS Carl Vinson is "provocative actions". The repayment report This is the sixth time US deployed the carrier in the South China Sea this year, but was the first time Fairy There is a presence of F-35C stealth fighter and tilting aircraft CMV-22B Osprey new
Also quotes a Chinese military analyst warning that Chinese military has been placed in love The status of alarming, and "China is completely capable and confident to deal with such provocative actions." However, the commander of the USS Carl Vinson carrier battle team Dinh "All of our interactive activities so far with the Chinese Navy took place professional and safe. When we move, we have some escort ships but I haven't seen any aggressive activity on the sea or over do not worry me ". One review of Benarnews about ship tracking data shows the ship USS Carl Vinson airport went through the southern area of the South China Sea, about 50 nautical marine surveying the area of the Geological Hai Duong surveying vessel. 12-9 Located in Indonesia's 200 Nautical Economic Processing Zone. Dong Martin said due to Covid-19 pandemic situation, USS Carl Vinson's ship cannot make any port visits in his journey, but The aircraft teamwork team deployed with a "open end" would "let our partners and allies find that we went close to them." Martin also repeated US commitment to the Philippines if The country was attacked, describing this as the "America's oldest agreement in Asia". "A armed attack against the armed forces, T The Philippines or aircraft of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean, including in the South China Sea, will activate the obligation under the US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty "- Mr. Martin said.

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