Commenting, Predict U23 Egyptian Results Vs U23 Spain, Olympic 2021

Commenting, predicting the results of Egyptian U23 VS U23 Spain, Table C Olympic 2021 (14h30 on July 22) .14h30 on July 22, U23 Egypt and the Spanish U23 will have encounters in Table C Olympic Tokyo 2021.U23 Egypt encountered the U23 Spain at 14:30 on July 22, and Identify U23 Egypt VS U23 Spain: U23 Egypt: Egyptian U23 falls into a very difficult table with the presence of two Strong opponents are Spain U23 and U23 Argentina next to Australia. Hau is not a big team in international-class playgrounds. In addition, it is important that the service of the first star on the public is Mohamed Salah, the more difficult to pile with the Pharaohs, the U23's players are still available Evaluate quite talent and promise to create a lot of surprises at this year's Tokyo Olympic

. With dynamic, dedicated and youthful play goods. The Egyptian U23 team will definitely not be afraid to confront the Spanish Spanish U23.323 Spain: In contrast to the other side of the war, the Spanish U23 shows the ambition to become hegemony when they are Bringing the Olympic an extremely quality squad
It is the most prominent that the players have just joined the Spanish team in Euro 2020 such as UNAI Simon, Dani Olmo, Pau Torres and especially Pedri - players Baby Best Euro.With the quality of the squad outstanding compared to the rivals of the same table, the Spanish U23 is expected to easily occupy the top. However, to complete that goal, first U23 West Spain will have to overcome U23 Egypt, a potential opponent. History of the Egyptian U23 and U23 Spain: In the history of competition at the U23 level, the two Egyptian and Spanish teams New only meet only once. And of course, with his class U23 Spain won 3-1 victory over Egyptian U23. Recent performance of U23 Egyptian U23: In the last 5 matches on every arena, u23 Egypt has unbeaten achievements. There are 3 victories and 2 draws. In the top 5 matches, the Egyptian U23 scored 8 goals and only to puncture 2 goals. Recent achievements of Spain U23: In contrast to the opponent, u23 Spain is in the last 5 matches that are not good with 2 losses, 2 draws and 1 victory. At the same time, in the last 5 matches U23 Spain only scored 2 goals and punctured 3 tables
Expected team: U23 Egypt: Mahmoud Gad, Salam, Galal, Ramadan, El-Eraky, Tawfik, Hamdy, Maher, Ashour, Sobhi, Mohamed.u23 Spain: Simon, Oscar Gil, Mingueza, Pau Torres, Miranda, Zubimendi, Merino, Dani Ceballos, Pedri, Asensio, Dani Olmo. Guessing the score: U23 Egypt 0-2 U23 Spain. Egyptian U23 bet VS U23 Spain: Duy Anh

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