Comments On People With These 6 Generals Have Grace With The Buddha Door

The person who came to the Buddha door, the gods firmly, but not everyone had to have a charm with the door of the temple.0: 00/1: 30 southern people with intellectual intellectuals curved down the people with long intellectuals curved down Very inspired by the practice, understanding religion. Which of this person soon met the unlike family about his family, his career ..

. so they went to the temple to refuge and reign. The person with a high indicator and floating on the people to suit the practice, Two big eyebrows or higher sugar than people have a chance to go to the Buddha's door more. I also have a great daughter with the Buddha's house
The mole in the middle of this man's forehead is too young, collapsed, in the unstable house, life has a lot of failure. The affection is not the same as you want, so they want to find the temple to refuse, evade the real life. He has the ears of this person who is very small, soon in contact with Buddha, big ears and long. This person can soon enjoy the lives, life around this person is related to the Buddha's house. People with a soft hand with a sentence: "Only injections, Opheize, Phu Hat Hien ''. People with fingers Fully handed hand is with good transport, can understand extremely unique information. Soft hand man, round woman with round hand is easy to get ceiling. The whole life cannot forget the first love , it is not easy for love that has a good voice with a good voice with 2 types, one is a small person, two are people with a warm voice but echoing, echoing. here Are all sounds like the sound of Buddha.Theo Tru Nguyet / KhoeVadep

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