‘commercial Sunshine About’ Episode 10: Ms. Hien Was Scolded By Her Husband For Arresting The Murderers

In the 'Sunny Day of Sunny' Episode 10, her father-in-law declared her daughter-in-law, she did not need to serve her parents, if she also demanded the child's money, don't touch the salary of Mr..0: 00/2: 17 noubvideo : Main developments in "Sunny Day to" Episode 1000: 00/02: 16Trong Sunny Day on Episode 10, Germany (Hong Dang) Call for Khanh (Lan Phuong) and earnestly ask for a wife of VND 7 million to buy Bicycles give boss birthday gifts. Germany also borrowed an opportunity to have an event to appoint the deputy to Khanh to transfer money immediately. Khanh expresses an uncomfortable attitude because it has to spend a lot of money

. Also in the sunny day about episode 10, Van (Ngoc Huyen) went to Phong's shop (Doan Quoc Dam) to repay water debt. While Van is in a lack of money, the shopkeeper asks for an extra-loss to marry. Bach (Quang Trong) Quickly nominated Van The Place
. Van happily appeared, and the room was confused. In the marketing room of the page (Huyen Lizze), the Vietnamese employee (Duy Nam) accidentally heard The story of changing the shirt of Duy (Dinh Tu) and the page boss. The guy shocked when he witnessed the gestures with his closeness of the two. About only, he showed interest in his boss. When the page came to return to the shirt, only praise: "The boss is very beautiful, the boss keeps using it". After that, I still looked at the face and asked: "Looks like yesterday your boss lacks sleep, do you need this cup of coffee?" Then put my coffee cup for her. Sunny day on episode 10 continues the story of the mother-in-law of Khanh with the compassion of Ms. Hien (NSND Lan Huong): "NSND before I agree in Khanh Khanh Or if it worshiped her belt and made me married, I also married. Wedding, I want to ask myself, I have to give it separately
Then I'm going to work Worried both shoe heels, relieved everywhere. Thanks to it, did I make it to serve what is it? " Very modern: "You all day to join the other group, why don't think it doesn't escape? If she also took my child's money anymore, my pension, royalties don't touch ". Will I agree to transfer money to your husband? The story of changing the shirt of Duy and the page was born by Vietnamese employees throughout the company? Ms. Hien agreed with the attitude of Mr. Hung's daughter-in-law, the sunny day about episode 10 will air at 21:40 on November 30 on VTV3.Hà Linh

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