Commercialists Share Their Intended To Work, Pick Up Their Wives And Their Son’s Current Life

Talking to Tien Phong reporter, Thuong Tin said that his wife and children are at home a relative in Saigon but he doesn't want to welcome his wife and children to return to the room because they don't want them to add a size of size: 00/3: 58 NAMNS NAMNS Thuong Tin and his wife- (Photo TL) Did you exist, why don't you welcome your wife and children? I don't want her to return to this narrow room again because of the years living here, extremely suffering I tasted too much. I don't think when my wife blames "getting a famous husband and not asking"? She said, "Getting a famous husband and not asking" is that she said while getting angry . We love each other to come together and there is a durable link as a daughter. Surgely link wire is a daughter whose trust loves that if his wife can find a person who is worried for her What will you do it at that time? If she decided to leave, finding a happier life when I was with me, I was willing to let people leave. I have sadness, only sad for our common daughter

. Including faithful bedside when he was stroke by a man, he had to make a pillar in the family. Let your wife suffer due to my fault. I didn't fulfill the responsibility of a husband when I couldn't make money to take care of my wife and children
I also tried to make money, but my life only knew filming, filming. Translation of Covid-19 has made movie activity to stop completely, the film projects that I have invited to participate cannot be deployed so I have difficulty money. Lack of money so I'm a cruising couple and how do you calculate the future for your wife and children? A general hospital, where I came to apply for a job and was found that Covid-19 was still constantly contacted I. They gave the medicine to the medicine, put food to the room for me every day. They also said when I get better, I will go to work at that hospital. There they will arrange a place to eat sleep for my whole family, and also for my wife to do it, so I'm about a week, when I'm healthy, I will move to the hospital and pick my wife and welcome your wife. The artist is very worried about the future of the wife of the wife, why are some of the sponsors but also invite him to them but he doesn't accept the words and choose to go to work in the hospital? True to somewhere people invite me To look home for them. But I do not like. I can do it, I will do it to make money. I don't want to be somewhere so that I don't have to do anything
Why does a son existing and have you or contact my father? I used to be a singer in Saigon but the income was too precarious so I bought the car, passing it. I also have a wife and I have lived in Cu Chi. I wanted me to stay with me but I didn't want to. Now I work, I'm working on, I go to work. Tin and Son Thanh Tung (Photo TL) The money that fans support you when you have a stroke at the beginning of the year? I send savings Give me and build a level 4 house in the countryside. That house I count when I didn't have the ability to make money, I would get there. Currently I asked some of my children in the countryside. I got because it was your memories car. Once I received a new car through a stroke, it was still weak but because there was no driver so I tried to drive myself. But someone took a picture of me driving and said that I drove myself to Phan Rang. That's not right. Currently that car I'm giving a friend to rent, cheap because the car was old, or the disease and the car was given a car, then the money was donated by fans? So what do you use? I have to spend it. But not enough because for a few months over the quarantine we have to stay at home. Like that motel room, I still lack debt than 5 million no money. Fortunately, the owner said to love the debt. What do you think when it is rumored to be a disease to expect the support money? I'm also sad! As the period before I had a stroke to go to an emergency in the hospital, they were like that. Now when I was infected with Covid-19, I wasn't for many people to know, but some of my friends talked about me so now everyone knew. A few youtubers, only watching me I went out to die to shooting, interviewing and commenting enough. Then there are people who come and tell me the other one but I see anything! Many wrong information about me, but I don't want to go! Now I just want to be peaceful, go to make money for me. Thinh - Chang Chang

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