Common Changes In Skin During Pregnancy

When pregnant, your body changes a lot, especially the changing in the skin is the most obvious. It is varicose veins, nipples, thighs, breasts appear black notes. Deep brown. Stretch. Acne

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Some of these changes are due to the change of hormone levels, hormonal in pregnant women. When pregnant the concentration of estrogen and progesterone changes to the impact on the skin. But most of those changes will end after birth. When pregnant with estrogen and progesterone concentrations changes to the impact on the skin. The common changes during pregnancy are black: Black notes or black spots are results Of increased melanin in the body - a natural substance creates the color of the skin and fur. Black nodules and darkness often dim one after the baby was born. However, some women still have black notes for years after birth. To avoid further darkness, sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat every time you go out to the sun. Called the reef. Usually stretch marks appear in the belly of buttocks, chests or thighs
Using high moisturizing moisturizer will soften your skin, but don't disappear the cracks. Most stretch marks will disappear after birth, but maybe they will never completely lose fish eggs: Many women suffer from acne during pregnancy. Some people have been acne before pregnancy and seeing acne becomes heavier during pregnancy. Other women who are not acne may also be acne during pregnancy. Wash your face twice a day with lightwashing water and warm water. Avoid breaking or squeezing acne with several people who have been acne before pregnancy and seeing acne becomes heavier during pregnancy. Spider-shaped vases: When pregnant pregnancy changes endocrine and the increase in blood volume In the body will create small red veins, called spider veins, appearing on the face, neck and arms. Red stains will fade after giving birth. Intravenous: The weight and pressure of the uterus will reduce the amount of blood back to the heart of the lower body, causing the veins in your feet swelling, pain and green Varicose veins can also appear in pussy, vagina and rectum (called hemorrhoids). In most cases, varicose veins are just temporary changes and will disappear after birth. To restrict you should not stand for a long time, when sitting without crossing your legs. Exercise matching and hives: Small, red and urticarias will appear on the skin during pregnancy later. These papes can form an itching. These itchy trains appear first on the abdomen and spread to the thighs, buttocks and breasts. This condition may occur at any stage in pregnancy, usually only some notes, and more The more the number increases the number. It is thought that the reason is due to changes in the immune system during pregnancy. Itching when pregnant can last for months, even appears for a while after giving birth. Thanh Van

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