Common Incidents Of Automotive Air Conditioners

Air conditioning works weakly, inactive or unpleasant odors ... are common problems with air-conditioning systems on cars. Do not cool deep cooling without deep cooling, which may be due to The uniform and indoor uniforms are dirty

. For the outdoor unit, if not regularly cleaning, the system will get poor heat and reduce the cooling effect. For the indoor unit, if the dust adhere too much will limit the cold air emitted in the car compartment. Then, after checking and detecting the cause is due to the hotmest unit, you need to clean both systems and instead Dedicated chemicals
If the air-conditioning is not deep, the cause may be due to uniform outdoor units and indoor unilateral air-conditioning air conditioning can not lower the temperature down quickly and efficiently as usual, Attached with a car with an unpleasant smell, the air conditioner net has a problem. The 10 most guest cars in Vietnam in June 2021, after a regular period of use, dirt will accumulate in the net Filtering, long-term arrays and winds cannot be passed over. To handle this case, you need to maintain the toilet schedule and replace the wind filter periodically to ensure the cooling capacity of the system. Hyundai's first pickup truck is priced from 549 million VND for the indoor unit, if the dust is too much, it will limit the cold air emitted in the car to change the wind filter depends on the lips Operating field. Experts recommend that after about 16,000 to 24,000 km, users should replace it once. As for regular cases moving in the pollution environment, it is possible to shorten the interval between hygiene and wind filtering. Mitsubishi car price in July 2020: preferential 'terrible' for many Car models do not cool in this case, the cause may be due to excess ga or lack of gas. However, you cannot resolve themselves, but need to take the car back to the garage to be supported by the specialists. Toyota car price in July 2021: Add new products, discount discounts to the worst case making cars No cooling is damaged or damaged compressor. The reason why the air conditioner failure can be used by the use of gas inappropriately, turning on the machine continuously with a high frequency, or installing air-conditioning unknown origin into whirlpools
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